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    How To Edit Forum Width?

    I would like to edit the above so it's not nearly as wide as that. I imported this style from a friend and I want to customize it to my liking, but the sidebar is below this because the forum width is too much.
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    I'd Like To Move Members & Help From NavBar

    As the thread title explains, I'd like to move those two areas to the navbar directly underneath it. How can this be done properly?
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    Merging XF Databases

    Hello all, I work at a site that's been around for about a year and we have a solid fanbase. We just created a sister site a few months back which already has a good amount of posts on it but we want to merge the users from the original site to our sister site. The original site has 13K+...
  4. P We finally launched our forums! As a staff we would like to thank all the creators of XenForo for creating such a great product that we could host the forums with. Feel free to register if you enjoy video games! Any feedback or suggestions are welcome. :) EDIT...