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  1. Sophie

    XF 1.5 Trying to import old database for merging

    Hi all, I have found a backup of the database from my forum in 2012. What I would like to do is this: - importing this database (Invision Powerboard 3.0) in the recent version of Xenforo - after importing and verifying, merging this database in my current forum (recent version of Xenforo)...
  2. Sophie

    Use of resource compared to IPB 4?

    Hi all, I might want to use my XF license (after renewal) to convert my forum from IPB 4.1.12 to XF. Anyone else who took this step and can say something on if XF handles resources on a server (CPU, memory, SQl, PHP) better than IPB? I am on a shared host. Thanks! Sophie
  3. Sophie

    Style Royalty-themed skin

    I am looking for a designer who can create a simple royalty-themed skin for my Xenforo-community :) Budget isn't that big though...
  4. Sophie

    XF 1.3 User name still light blue

    Hi all, Today we had a handfull of new members registering. With two of them I got a alert to review the registration. I approved both registrations. Both members are out of the 'members awaiting action' section and show up as registered users. One of the users still has a lightblue name in the...
  5. Sophie

    XF 1.3 Deleting mods and admins

    I have a question about deleting mods and admins. Does it only remove the user from those roles or does it remove the user completely from the board?
  6. Sophie

    Question about migrating IPB to Xenforo

    Hi all :) At the moment I run my forum on Invision Powerboard, but Xenforo really looks interesting. I read the manual on importing data and it seems not complicated. But I have still some questions: Currently my database is around 660 MB (1125 member 384 00o posts). What can I expect the size...