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  1. Jake Sully

    XF 2.0 Error page replacement

    Idk if i posted this right, But i would like to make so when you visit etc index.php/thread as visitor it should give 404 page not found for the visitor even when forum is in mode that needs you to login, instead of the forum error or the login page itself, problem is that authorities/local...
  2. Jake Sully

    XF 2.0 permissions issue

    So i'm trying to set few nodes/categories to guests only so they can post as guests, but have 0 luck. I have setted everything as it should but there is still no post thread button or anything, i'm clueless and i have setted this premissions in both node and on the group, still nothing. Same...
  3. Jake Sully

    XF 2.0 weird character & symbols

    I have now moved a site of mine to a local server for dev use and i noticed that my xenforo started to get … in some locations and i cannot find out how to get rid of it. It started to show when i putted it on PHP 7.1, so i hope there is a easy way to fix this. I also tried to covert the...
  4. Jake Sully

    XF 2.0 E-mail problem

    So I'm trying to setup so it uses IMAP/SMTP/POP3 but when I fill details all I get in log is Error: Connection TimedOut. Idk whats wrong since when I do plain email sending then it gets rejected by gmail for some odd reason due to spam. So any solution to this? I have changed pass, different...
  5. Jake Sully

    XF 2.0 How do I add 2 pictures to the sides?

    I would like to know how can I add 2 different or same pictures to left and right side of style? I'm currently using as theme but it's empty to left and right areas. So I hope some 1 here can guide me what todo to add 2 pictures...
  6. Jake Sully

    XF 2.0 Edit RSS feed

    Hi, does anyone know how I could add this following tag to RSS and make forum auto add it on new lines? turbo="true" I'm trying to use turbo thingy from Yandex to list my forum content faster and so on. you can read here I hope some 1 here...
  7. Jake Sully

    XF 2.0 Resource addon upload limit problem

    Hi, does anyone here know how to change file size upload limit on resource addon?? Since I have changed in server php.ini 2 lines to example 200M but when I upload a 10MB zip file the page still throws "The uploaded file is too large." as message and I have checked admin cp but cannot find...
  8. Jake Sully

    XF 1.2 After updating to xenforo 1.2.0

    Hi when i updated my xenforo from 1.1.5 to 1.2.0 my admincp index page after login began to show a error here is a picture of it also i noticed the ajax process box appears to show up in top right corner so i wonder isnt it supposto be in middle of the site when it does a process such as...
  9. Jake Sully

    BlueSpiritHosting Forum

    Hi everyone, i just got my company forum at up and runing and i would like to have some feedback :) Logo will be done as last thing since there might be another skin later instead of 1 thats on now :)
  10. Jake Sully

    Rich Text Editor issue

    Hi, Rich Text Editor wont show on my forum it shows up fine for everyone else on my forum but not under my account it refuses to show :( i even got Use Rich Text Editor checked in on my account preferences and still it wont show :( Whats wrong? /Thanks
  11. Jake Sully

    Force login & hide sections

    Hi, i'm still new to xenforo and i just bought it like half an hour ago and i have been looking through settings and so and idk where to make so guests can view the forum, without needing to login :/ and how do i secure staff sections and so from users that is not supposto see it? so only staff...
  12. Jake Sully

    Will i get re-fund if xenforo fails in the lawsuit or w.e it was?

    Hi if you guys fail on lawsuit after 15th january 2013 then does everyone who bought xenforo get a re-fund? if that makes xenforo close completely? since i don't wanna risk paying 169$ and then xenforo closes down because they failed on lawsuit. /Thanks