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    XF 2.0 Users Unable to Edit Posts?

    So either I'm clueless on permissions or something strange is going on. The user group I have set isn't able to edit prior posts, yet the permissions are set properly (at least at a usergroup level.) They're also unable to update their signatures - same thing, permissions for the user group...
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    As designed Issue with wrapping Forum usernames on default theme

    I have a user with a long name (sixteen characters) and it wraps the character around in the text box. Is this purely a "resize it" with the font that's being displayed? I know I can reproduce it in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari on Mac.
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    Fixed Post-Migration User Issues

    I've migrated over from vB 3.8 to XF 2.0.1. After having done so, everytime I attempt to login as my admin account (the one that got migrated over), I get the following: ErrorException: [E_WARNING] Creating default object from empty value in src/XF/Admin/Controller/Login.php at line 118...