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  1. Chirag Dhuvad

    how to maintain php project login session in xenforo tab

    Hello, I am integrating xenforo in core php project. i just want my login session should continue in xenforo forum
  2. Chirag Dhuvad

    How does login/logout integration work with XenForo?

    Hi, I need a help where if user is login into my custom apps then he also automatically login to xenforo forum which is also installed in forum folder on same custom application. pl. help me out
  3. Chirag Dhuvad

    XF 1.1 How to avoid Adv. in Feeder Content

    I have subscribed for the Rss Feed for my forum to generate the auto post. But now Feeder are showing their Ad Sense to my post which i want to avoid, and want to show some text instead of the this non sense Ads of links. Kindly suggest me how to avoid the this. Thanks in advance.