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    I cant use createTable :/ <?php namespace GSZone\test; use XF\AddOn\AbstractSetup; use XF\Db\Schema\Create; class Setup extends AbstractSetup { public function install(array $stepParams = []) { $sm = $this->schemaManager(); $sm->createTable('xf_test'...
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    Line Numbers for Code

    Where I can found the old versions? I dont uninstall after copy the update and I cant uninstall it now :(
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    XenForo 2.0 Discussion!

    Error in install: Solution, uncomment this line in php.ini
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    An exception occurred: CloudFlare Error(s): (6003) Invalid request headers in /home/gszone/public_html/library/CFDDoS/Model/CloudFlare.php on line 121 CFDDoS_Model_CloudFlare->_checkForErrors() in CFDDoS/Model/CloudFlare.php at line 95 CFDDoS_Model_CloudFlare->_getZoneId() in...
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    GeSHi Syntax Highlighter

    Im using PHP 5.4.37
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    GeSHi Syntax Highlighter

    But not in XenForo... the minimal extract to recreate the error is: { "version": "1.0.0", } Only with code=js, not with html and others (supposed)
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    GeSHi Syntax Highlighter

    Work :S
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    GeSHi Syntax Highlighter

    I have this bug... With this... (in CODE=js) { "name": "acme/blog", "type": "phpbb3-extension", "description": "This will add an AI with mind reading capabilities to your board who will post your thoughts to a blog", "homepage": "", "version": "1.0.0", "time"...
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    GeSHi Syntax Highlighter

    I have error reports with this: What is the problem? how i can fix it? thanks!
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    [WMTech] Double Post Merge

    Hello, There a way to make it compatible with Tapatalk, because "skips" the merge and make a new response. :( Thanks!
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    GoodForNothing Notification

    May only work in the 1.4.x but there 1.3.x is no way to work with those comments at the beginning of every php... I had to remove ALL to run the 1.0.1 beta 1 without ERROR 500.
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    GoodForNothing Notification

    Me too :( EDIT: The problem is in the Listener... public static function createPublicContainerTemplate(&$templateName, array &$params, XenForo_Template_Abstract $template) EDIT2: I did work! you must remove the credits at the beginning of template.php and it works! Example: <?php class...
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    Follow or unfollow, that is the question!

    Hello! As I can tell if a user can follow or unfollowing, from the template? <xen:follow user="$user" class="Tooltip" /> I try replacing this line to have more control of the operation... but I can not determine if you can follow and unfollow. I know who follow with: <xen:if...
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    XF 1.3 Change thread prefix with one click

    I like, I'm also looking for something like this!
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    Add-on Limit forum depending on the load

    I would like this also. It is an option that is missing and not a matter of optimization.
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    Add-on Limit forum depending on the load

    Not understand the question. Only wish I could adjust the operation of the forum depending on the load.