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  1. rajraj

    XF 2.0 Need help with Sitemap

    Please guide me about sitemap. In my search console, it says there is no sitemap. I am a nontechnical person. Google bots come to visit my site but it doesn't index any pages. Maybe the problem with a sitemap. Please help me.
  2. rajraj

    XF 2.0 How can I add facebook share link at bottom

    I cant see facebook sharing link at the bottom. How can I add it?. Please guide me.
  3. rajraj

    XF 2.0 Facebook login

    Is there any step by step tutorial or thread for How to set up facebook login for Xenforo 2.0?. Please guide me. Thanks in Advance.
  4. rajraj

    XF 2.0 How can we change the time period to edit post?

    There is 10 min time period to edit a post. After 10 mins we cant change our post. How Can we change it?.
  5. rajraj

    Xenforo VS wordpress for SEO

    Which is good for SEO?
  6. rajraj

    Other I need consultancy for social group addon

    I have bought social group addon from nobita. I am confused for permission set up. So i need consultancy to set up that addon. Please send me PM with charge.
  7. rajraj

    Other Maintenance of my forum

    I need someone who could maintain my forum and do small needed work. Please pm me with monthly charge.
  8. rajraj

    Other Need help for new User

    I am non technical person. I am looking for someone who can help me to set up my logo. Please PM me with price.
  9. rajraj

    Need help to change the logo

    Hello, I am looking for someone experience person to change my xenforo logo. Thanks in advance.
  10. rajraj

    Duplicate Prefix for Media

    Can we get prefix for media?.
  11. rajraj

    What is thread prefix?.

    I want to know what is thread prefix. Please guide me.
  12. rajraj

    I am looking for xenforo development

    I am looking for xenforo customization. Who could help me?
  13. rajraj

    Forum Malware and Virus Removal

    I am new and non technical person. I want to start one forum with xenforo but I read that when you start forum there is big risk of malware and virus. How can I deal with it?. Please guide me. Thanks.
  14. rajraj

    home page

    Can I set different site on home page?
  15. rajraj

    Number of forum.

    Can I make 30 categories(sections) and can add 30 forums in each category?. That means total 900 forums. Can I get smooth operation with this? Please guide me.