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  1. MQK8

    XF 1.5 Xenforo and WordPress

    Yeah, I see that it's maintained, lol.. and does look way over my head. The price is very cheap it appears. So my only left question, Xenforo has to be installed first or can you do it the other way around or either way. Please forgive me for asking this so much. :) Thanks so much for your reply.
  2. MQK8

    XF 1.5 Xenforo and WordPress

    Thanks so much, looks like a really cool addon.
  3. MQK8

    XF 1.5 Xenforo and WordPress

    Yeah I was aware of Xenword, but saw that it's not maintained and looks a little beyond my skillset. I'm sure there's people that can do it for you but I still haven't found if Xenword can put WordPress as the master then Xenforo. Thanks so much for the info. If you find out more on this let me...
  4. MQK8

    RaceDepartment now on XenForo

    Very nice site, I've been looking for a long time now how to intregrate WP and Xenforo, is this a custom bridge you developed or is there an addon that you're using. If so which addon? Do you have WP as the Master script or Xenforo? Thanks
  5. MQK8

    XF 1.5 Xenforo and WordPress

    I've been away from Xenforo world for a while and not up on the latest on Xenforo and WordPress coexisting on the same url/website. Last I knew it can be done with Xenforo being the main or master and then WordPress. I see now there's addons that bridges the two together but is it still Xenforo...
  6. MQK8

    Seeking A Moderator For Adult Content Forum

    I'm seeking a moderator who is very experienced with Xenforo software for a new and growing adult related content forum. Someone who has the time and experience in this niche and can bring new ideas and features to the forum. Due to the nature of the content I cannot post the URL but if you have...
  7. MQK8

    What is the average life expectancy of a forum.

    In my opinion and from what I've experienced, not long if you're just starting out today. Unless you REALLY know what you're doing and have a lot of resources at your disposal, it's an uphill battle. I love forums but when you have social media and YouTube that can give you instant results and...
  8. MQK8

    My new babies ...

    Oh one more thing Pau, do you buy that in the UK? Seems having it shipped from the states would cost you a fortune. :)
  9. MQK8

    My new babies ...

    I wish I was skilled at building stuff, I walk in Home Depot and marvel at this kind of equipment and the very high prices. But if you think about it, they money you pay others to do it for you, in the long run you probably save money by being able to do it yourself. lol
  10. MQK8

    My new babies ...

    Yes you're quite correct, that's some very expensive machinery as well. Better know what you're doing too, I've known a few people to lose a finger or two or dummies who don't wear goggles or eye protection.
  11. MQK8

    My new babies ...

    Very nice table saw and set. I wish I had the skills to do some woodworking, a person could actually make some money making stuff and fixing up your home. :) I believe DeWalt table saws are the best in the business.too Very nice..:)
  12. MQK8

    Pixelexit or themehouse

    I use Pixelexit themes and have found that Russ's and Steve's themes are awesome, easy to use and Russ's customer service is lightening fast. However due to that fact they are so busy and in demand I have yet been able to get a customized theme done. On the other hand, I recently purchased a...
  13. MQK8

    The future of forums (vs social media)

    Then you have a forum like Topix Forums which has information on anything you can think of where you don't even have to sign up to make a post or comment on a post. :eek:
  14. MQK8

    The Black Board Urban News & Media

    I actually like the vintage default style you're using, just need to customize it, change the colors, the node icons, etc. JMO :)
  15. MQK8


    Nice site BassMass, gets better and better all the time.
  16. MQK8

    The Black Board Urban News & Media

    I love your niche and play on words, lots of material to write about in todays climate. Seems you've done a good job on the hardest parts, changing the style is easy. Keep up the good work, again love the name of your forum.
  17. MQK8

    Facebook Extends Likes..

    Glad Zuck decided against the "Don't Like" button, can't imagine adding that option.
  18. MQK8

    Facebook Extends Likes..

    Facebook is killin' it with these new features.
  19. MQK8

    Backup solution for noobs

  20. MQK8

    Facebook Killing Forums

    FB has killed off many forums and more by the day, it seems unless you've been established for a very long time, have a unique niche or a big corporation behind your forum, running a forum is becoming a hobby or a passion. There are exceptions of course but forums simply cannot compete with FB...