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  1. Triops

    XF 1.5 Loosing session in ACP on nginx

    So, migration is now approaching... We just setup EC2 + RDS instance on AWS, with Amazon Linux, nginx and PHP 7.1.7 basic_auth to protect the installation. Fresh XF1.5 installation was fine, Xenforo is there and usable, no errors. But when using ACP, installing addons aso. I really often...
  2. Triops

    Link Directory (LD) [Paid]

    Yes, I'll keep Link Directory (LD) too and wait. I can decide mid of next year... Maybe till then there are more friendly news.
  3. Triops

    Alphabetical pagination for XF and more [Paid]

    Hurray, thank you for the update!
  4. Triops

    [8WR] XenAtendo 2 (Events) PRO [Paid]

    Did anybody ever manage to save the Google locations in the language of your country? As written it always uses English (at least for me), although I am logged in in Google with a German language account, OS and browser use German too. But some words in the addresses are translated into...
  5. Triops

    [TH] Sponsor Directory [Paid]

    Ticket opened for important things.
  6. Triops

    [TH] Sponsor Directory [Paid]

    And the description would be great as a tooltip on the banners in the carousel...
  7. Triops

    [TH] Sponsor Directory [Paid]

    And last thing: How would be the CSS please, if I want to avoid the popup list show up at smaller responsive resolution but always show at least one image? My sponsor banners have a width of 210px, which is suitable for any remote device. An option for this (use/avoid popup at responsive...
  8. Triops

    [TH] Sponsor Directory [Paid]

    Is this release ready ;)? Maybe would like to have the link under the members tab. I have a question: Are all images loaded immediatly or lazy, when the next image is needed in carousel? I have +50 sponsors and if all images are loaded at once, that's a lot of unnecessary traffic. Watching the...
  9. Triops

    German translation for [AD] Sponsor Directory by ThemeHouse

    Perfekt, dankeschön!
  10. Triops

    XF 1.5 Limit "New posts" (sidebar) to specific category / node

    I'm searching like hell in ACP options and here in forums. It must have been asked 100x times already, but I seem to be blind: 1.) How do I limit the "New posts" from sidebar to one specific node, please? I found "Node & Forum List" in options, but there is just the amount of new threads... 2.)...
  11. Triops

    XF 1.5 How to display a different logo on different tabs

    Yes, I would need that too. Any hint is appreciated.
  12. Triops

    XF 1.5 Smallest possible blank forums page for refreshing the sessions

    For the archives, that addon does it: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/kotomi-generic-script-bridge.122/
  13. Triops

    XF 1.5 Smallest possible blank forums page for refreshing the sessions

    Once again thank you @Mike! I wasn't sure, if loading the blank white page would do anything. I thought, because of fading of the online user list, that the user session would not be refreshed. In vBulletin it was "the same": keeping the session as well as staying visibly online. We'll take a...
  14. Triops

    XF 1.5 Smallest possible blank forums page for refreshing the sessions

    Mmmh, do we speak from the same page? Probably I am doing wrong. The URL domain.com/xenforo/index.php?editor/dialog (in my case it is localhost:81/xenforo/index.php?editor/dialog or localhost:81/xenforo/?editor/dialog on a local XAMP instance with Apache listening at port 81) delivers a totally...
  15. Triops

    XF 1.5 Smallest possible blank forums page for refreshing the sessions

    Thank you, @Mike . Although the domain.com/xenforo/index.php?editor/dialog delivers a blank page, it does not refresh the session of the user loading the page. There was a tutoral/ressource here which described how to generate a page (for PHP use?!) in Xenforo, but I do not find the thread...
  16. Triops

    XF 1.5 Smallest possible blank forums page for refreshing the sessions

    How do I generate / build a totally blank (or smallest possible) forums page (best would be without header, footer and any content), which refreshes the session time when a user loads that page? We use such a vBulletin page to embed it within external applications (such as MediaWiki) as 1x1 px...
  17. Triops

    Xenith [Paid]

    No one has an hint or a solution for this, please? Same here, any suggestion/hint please?
  18. Triops

    [bd] API

    It seems 2014 was this not the case? Did anybody do so till today? You could contact me per private conversation, please. I just would like to know, if this is a doable project for a good developer (so anyone succeeded?) or if there any showblockers when trying to realize a bridge to MediaWiki...
  19. Triops

    [bd] API

    @Hi @xfrocks, Thank you for this great addon! We start to use it with a large custom application based on a framework and it seems, that we now got the break through. May I ask two questions? 1.) Can you provide PHP7 compatibility, please? I'll send you a private conversation with tiny...
  20. Triops

    [cXF] Conversation Button under Avatar

    Yes, it works and the styling options to fit your needs are great!