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  1. crazygirl

    Home And Forums Extra Replace

    Right earlier i removed the blue navigation tab below and above forums where it says in the blue navbar home>forums>etc etc I removed it below the forum and just above the forum how do i put it back please i have searched for the last 1 hour and cannot find it
  2. crazygirl

    Tabbed Forums

    Hi i just wondering whether anyone has brought out or is thinking of bringing out tabbed forums like mybb. It is great for large for forums and good for forums which have a few different niches to it.I know vb brought it out but it was alot of coding where as the mybb was a plugin and very...
  3. crazygirl

    Chatter Site forum doors are open

    I just re-open the forum under a new domain and a new niche.I have open up a new general chat forum where everyone from all ages are welcome to join and join in the chat on the forum.Even though the forum is five days old we open the doors yesterday.I just wanted peoples opinions on the forum,I...
  4. crazygirl

    Forum Has Disappeared

    Hi i am a little worried as i was in my forum while my admin panel then i went to my forum and i am just getting a white page but i can still access my admin panel okay.The last thing i did was install forum runner which i have now canceled the account and deleted the files of my server please...
  5. crazygirl

    Friendship Theme

    Hi guys i am about to convert over from a promotion forum to a friendship and general chat forum,I would love for some one to be able to design me an eye catching welcoming style.I like blue and red,Dont like dark colours or two much white.On my old general chat forum i use to use forumo2 which...