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  1. bomb2060

    Designer working on future of web forum needs you

    Thank you. This is great.
  2. bomb2060

    Designer working on future of web forum needs you

    How far are you with this research? I have seen it late but am really interested in your findings. Am a forum owner (4 forums actually). All on Xenforo. I was almost starting a new thread to discuss deeply about the future of forums. It's sad that people are currently preferring social media...
  3. bomb2060

    Please share your review of my forum. Its a local Businesss Discussion Forum. But welcomes international posters. Site is Have been slow to pick up. Since the domain name biztalk is also a server product for microsoft. Advice on keyword optimization tricks i can use to rank...
  4. bomb2060

    XF 2.0 After Upgrading to XF2, CloudFlare is not working Please advice

    Has anyone been getting weird broken pages with CloudFlare enabled? I'm on Xen2 with CloudFlare, just after enabling CloudFlare my pages go weird... not sure if it's xf2 bug or what? Kindly but urgently advice.
  5. bomb2060

    Add-on Telegram for Xenforo

    This would be great. But since instant chat is threatening the existence of Webforums, i think it may take a while for this integration. In the meantime, i use IFTTT, IT works fine, but not to the specific details as you have enumerated above.
  6. bomb2060

    Setting up Facebook, Twitter & Google Integration

    Thank you. That worked. Asante (swahili for thank you :-))
  7. bomb2060

    Confessional - [Deleted]

    Thanks. Right on it.
  8. bomb2060

    Confessional - [Deleted]

    I have installed this add-on but it's not active. Is there a step i missed? Kindly but urgently advice.
  9. bomb2060

    [DBTech] DragonByte Shout [Lite]

    Am unable to locate the particular phrase. Help me identify the file to change.
  10. bomb2060

    [DBTech] DragonByte Shout [Lite]

    Thanks. I have tried again it has installed successfully. How can i change the phrase on the button from 'Shout' to 'Submit'?
  11. bomb2060

    [DBTech] DragonByte Shout [Lite]

    Am getting this error while trying to upload the files to my server. Please advice. @DragonByte Tech Kindly but urgently advice on an easy way to install. I have even tried the install & Upgrade add on but it's not working.
  12. bomb2060

    Is there any credit system that allows you to buy resources with credits?

    I also waiting for this. I really need this functionality.
  13. bomb2060

    XF 1.5 social media icons

    You will have to edit the CSS and replace the existing icons with downloaded icons that look like the ones on your screenshot.
  14. bomb2060

    Setting up Facebook, Twitter & Google Integration

    How do i resolve this issue? Where do i get this App Domain? Message occurs while trying to sign up using facebook.
  15. bomb2060

    XF 1.4 How to use "new post" page as home page?

    I also want this. I need my forum to have the look and feel of this website: How can i achieve this? The siropu add on does not handle the right-hand menus.
  16. bomb2060

    How do i implement this on my Xenforo forum

    Thanks for the lead. It worked.
  17. bomb2060

    How do i implement this on my Xenforo forum

    Hi, This is a screenshot of a forum that has an AdSense implementation that i would like to have on my forum. Please advice. How do you implement this, such that the Adsense captures images from your post? (Highlighted in red). So that when you click on them, it directs you to the forum post...
  18. bomb2060

    RM 1.2 How can i change the lable on this XenResource button?

    @Brogan Kindly assist, I want the button to read "Sign Up to download" instead of "Download not Available" For Unregistered Members. Please explain to an armature. Where i will get the CSS Style for changing that. Thank you.