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  1. Kev Collins

    XF 2.0 Import from IPB 4.2.6 to X2

    Will the import tools in X2 work on IPB 4.2.6 for direct import or is it best to go into X1.5 then upgrade to X2. Many thanks. Kevin.
  2. Kev Collins

    XF 1.5 Error message

    I'm getting the following error message when going into tools and then rebuild caches. We have not done any changes at all anywhere. Could you give any advice how to solve the error please. The following error occurred: Forbidden You don't have permission to access /xxxxxx/xxxxxx/admin.php on...
  3. Kev Collins

    Thank you

    We have a small club forum and having used VB4 & 5 for some time the members decided to move to IPB 4 for the last 12 months they wished they had not. Now having been reading the Xenforo forums and trying the demo they decided to move again this time to Xenforo. The move went well after my...
  4. Kev Collins

    XF 1.5 Error on import from IPB 4.1.11 to Xenforo 1.5.7

    When running the importer I have got this message when importing threads and posts. It's a clean database I'm installing into. Could you give any pointers how to overcome this please. Many thanks, Kevin. Server Error Mysqli statement execute error : Duplicate entry '2' for key 'PRIMARY'...