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  1. testernl

    Question about page

    Hi, I am still reviewing the demo. I have a question about creating a page and adding it to the navbar. Can I make a request quotation page in the navbar where this process happens: 1. VISITOR fills in the quote request form 2. VISITOR gets redirected to registration page 3. Quote requests...
  2. testernl

    Question about notifications

    Hi everyone, I have a pretty specific question. Say I would make different forums named as countries for instance England and I want to notify certain members from England when there was a post made inside that forum, is that possible? And can I, for instance, set an option during the signup...
  3. testernl

    Is it possible too?

    Hi, I have a few questions. -Is it possible to use real names instead of usernames to give it a more professional look since I am in the B2B scene? -Can I moderate profile pictures so I can review if members use a real picture? -Can I set it that people can post quote requests inside a forum...