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  1. PrinceReborn

    Option: Count likes made in this forum towards user total

    It is somewhat common for boards to have a spam/testing section to allow forum members to mess around and it is great that we have the ability to not count posts made in these sections by using the setting in Forum Options for the node. What I would like to suggest is that there be an...
  2. PrinceReborn

    XF 1.5 1.5.10 Upgrade Didn't Upgrade

    I downloaded the 1.5.10 upgrade files to patch my 1.5.9 board, however after uploading and overwriting existing files I noticed that it did not take the forum offline for upgrades, and going to /forum/install still shows 1.5.9. I have tried rebuilding the master templates but there was no...
  3. PrinceReborn

    XF 1.5 SQL Queries 'Writing to Net'

    We've recently just wiped our hard drive, reinstalled CentOS 7, Apache2, all the Xenforo requirements and restored our website/forum files. Only to discover that any pages using SQL are incredibly slow, sometimes taking over 10 seconds to load. Whereas pages that don't use SQL are loading...
  4. PrinceReborn

    Search stops working after a while

    Hi, Hopefully somebody can help me out, I use enhanced search and have elasticsearch installed. And searching has been working fine but after a while I start getting the message "The search could not be completed. Please try again later." when trying to do searches. These are the error messages...
  5. PrinceReborn

    XF 1.4 MySQL lag every 24 hours.

    Hi, I have noticed that every 24 hours at exactly 12:10 GMT my forum is experiencing major MySQL lag which also shows in the slow-query log. I presume this is related to some sort of forum cron job. The slow queries that appear in the log are from other processes so it seems that XenForo is...