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  1. Xarcell

    XenForo Updates?

    I'm considering updating my XenForo license, as my expired some time ago. I was one of those that bought a license before XenForo went gold. After it went gold, I decided not to use it. I need to know if XenForo is still being developed and any plans for an upgrade? I see that the resource...
  2. Xarcell

    Where Do I Store Custom Style Images?

    I created a new style, but cannot figure out where I'm supposed to place the images(just one) so that it can be packaged and distributed properly. Any pointers? Thanks.
  3. Xarcell

    Disappearing Style

    I switched hosts again recently. I backed up my files and DB. Then I uploaded my files and imported my DB. Everything seems to be working fine except for one thing. A style that I created seems to have gone missing. I made 2 custom styles, one of them was set as default. The one set as...
  4. Xarcell


    My site is getting murdered by spammers. When I click on there avatar and then select "spam", I try to "cleanup", but always get this message "The following users are logged as having used IP addresses used by SilsCaushilia recently. No matching users were found. Matched 0 users." On over a...
  5. Xarcell

    XF 1.1 MSQLi Error

    I recently had to change hosts(again!). After setting everything up, I received this error via source code: <!-- Mysqli prepare error: Table 'xarcell_chology.xf_option' doesn't exist --> Do I just try to create a table for this? How do I do it properly? Thanks.
  6. Xarcell

    Hard Coded Strings?

    So I went through and changed phrases "trophies" to achievements" and "trophy" to "achievement" using the filter function. However, all throughout the help section, those phrases have not changed. Am I missing something?
  7. Xarcell

    XF 1.1 Unable To Install Add-ons

    Everytime I try to install an add-on, I get this error: "Please enter a valid file name. The requested file could not be read." I'm positive it's the proper file. Example: "addon-TMS.xml" for the TMS add-on. I even tried uploading the file to the server, and installing it that way. Any idea...
  8. Xarcell

    Other Numerical Shorthand

    Anyone noticed how Vanilla shows post counts, or any other thing as 1.6k, instead of 1,616 for posts or topics. Any chance someone will made this an add-on for xenForo? Thanks.
  9. Xarcell

    XF 1.1 MSQLi Errors

    I just switched to a new host. I see this error when I view source: My host claims this extension was installed. Any ideas? Thanks.
  10. Xarcell

    XF 1.1 New Database

    I just changed hosts, and my database name has changed, as well as the password. How do I got about changing this in my backup of my site? I backed-up the files and the DB and I already imported the sql file to the new database(after adjusting the DB name accordly). What else should I be...
  11. Xarcell

    Feedback For

    Here is my xF installation. I'm a little iffy on it as I am starting to lean towards Vanilla. I actually stopped working on it until I can decide what to do. I really hate xF's editor which seems to prevent me from making nice articles. I'm looking for feedback with everything except maybe...
  12. Xarcell

    Add-on Redactor Editor

    Here is a jQuery powered WYSIWYG editor that works with all modern browsers, works with iPad and other tablets, can handle multiple instances, can handle keyboard shortcuts, supports autosave, and is 5x faster than TinyMCE. Try it out: Can someone please turn this into...
  13. Xarcell

    Add-on Tagging System

    I'm surprised no one hasn't made a tagging system yet. I would like to request a tagging system where a user's can add tags to a topic when creating it. Then allow people to click on a tag which shows all topics with that tag, and search within topics with that tag. Tags should also be...
  14. Xarcell

    xenForo vs Vanilla

    Anyone here have any experience with both xenForo and Vanilla? I'm partial to vanilla's layout, and it's a bit of work to do it with a xF theme, just to redo it every time there is an update. Can someone who has used both tell em the pro's & cons of each? Thanks.
  15. Xarcell

    Lack of interest Intergrade Menu With Breadcrumb

    I know I'll probably get flamed for this because of traditional forum users, but what about intergrading the menu into the breadcrumb? Example Breadcrumb: (home> forum), (home > forum > example topic). There should also be dropdown menu's for breadcrumb items. Example Breadcrumb Of Home...
  16. Xarcell

    Lack of interest Not WYSIWYG, But BBC With Live Preview

    The TinyMCE editor is a pain in the arse. I hate it with a passion, and a bag of dried plantains. Why not just use a normal textarea, with a BBC toolbar like Minorin, but have a live preview via jQuery of what your typing? I see it being done with the topic subject line, why can't you do that...
  17. Xarcell

    Add Buttons To WYSIWYG Editor

    I've googled and I've used the search here on the site. I cannot find any instruction on how I can add buttons to the TinyMCE editor. I have the CCS already for the buttons, and I see where to add phrases, but I don't see where to add the actual button. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  18. Xarcell

    XF 1.1 Add-Ons Not Showing...

    So I been working on a xF site lately. I got my Style made today, and started installing add-ons. Everything was fine at first. Now I tried to installed "User Albums" and "Blog" add-ons. I am seeing no changes at all. I adjusted the setting via admin, and made sure that the admin has all...
  19. Xarcell

    Need Your Opinion

    I started on a theme for another xenForo project of mine. I wanted to know you opinions on the node layout. Do you think it's lame having avatars of the last poster instead of the node icons and having such big areas for discussion & message count? The theme is far from finished though...
  20. Xarcell

    XF 1.1 Turn Off Forum Name On Homepage?

    Is there a setting to turn off the forum name on the homepage? Although, it looked there was an option for it written in the code. I can't seem to find it via admin panel...