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  1. Jonathan Carl

    Finding the "Right" Style

    So, I've literally spent the last few hours looking over every style in the resource manager and I still can't seem to find what I want. What is your favorite style and why?
  2. Jonathan Carl

    Back to Xenforo!

    It's been a while since I've used the software, mainly because I was waiting for more development. But today I renewed my license and I'm here to give it another shot! Took me three hours to purchase the extension due to my bank not allowing "overseas" transactions.... but they finally allowed...
  3. Jonathan Carl

    Drop down menu for sub-forums

    I currently have the following template modification on my website: I've made code edits to remove the sub-forums showing up like this: Instead I would like the Sub-forums to show in a drop down menu on the master...
  4. Jonathan Carl

    Not a bug Unable to change permissions.

    Today, I found that I was unable to change permissions anymore after upgrading to 1.10. This is the following error that pops up. Declaration of CemZoo_Username_DataWriter_User::_verifyUsername() should be compatible with that of XenForo_DataWriter_User::_verifyUsername() 1...
  5. Jonathan Carl

    Notice Dismissal

    On my current template it's not showing a "X" to dismiss a notice, instead it's showing "Dismiss Notice". I've tried copying the sprites over from the default theme to this theme but it's still not working. I looked into the message_notice.css but nothing really helped. Any idea why this isn't...
  6. Jonathan Carl

    Notices Position

    I am currently having issues with the position of the notices on my template. I've looked around but I can't seem to find where this specific variable is in the templates.
  7. Jonathan Carl

    Not a bug  Gravtars

    I just tried changing my avatar to a Gravatar, it will not update my avatar. I test it, and it shows my gravatar, but when i click save it just gives me a generic display picture. edit: Nevermind, after an hour it updated.
  8. Jonathan Carl

    Editing "importantMessage" Class

    I have been looking where to find out where to edit class "importantMessage" . I am trying to give the text a unique color, because it currently blends in with the background. It's been a hour and still no luck lol, any suggestions where to look?
  9. Jonathan Carl

    Rebuilding Caches Error.

    Every time I try to install a new mod a error is popping up. It pops up within a minute from starting the XML import. After I press continue it will still import everything, but it takes over 10- 20 minutes to complete the import. My server is currently running off of Intel X3440 ( 8 cores ) @...
  10. Jonathan Carl

    Facebook main page icon

    I have noticed when i link to its linking to an Avatar photo, why is it not using the set facebook icon?
  11. Jonathan Carl

    Users Online IP lookup

    I am trying to find out where the website is stored to look up IP's when they are clicked. I am attempting to change it to anther site.
  12. Jonathan Carl

    PHP posters...

    About a year ago i found some websites that sold charts for PHP, ASP, and etc. These charts contained every function for the language and i believe even showed examples how to use them... But i cant find it those anywhere, any of you know who may sell them?
  13. Jonathan Carl

    captcha_log error

    I logged in today, and i was notified of an error. Mysqli prepare error: Table '***************.xf_captcha_log' doesn't exist It's the first time i have seen this error. Would this be something that was added in beta 6?
  14. Jonathan Carl

    Avatar uploading....

    I moved my site to a new server about a week ago, and I have just noticed that I can no longer upload a new avatar. I installed a fresh test copy, and it works but it will not work on my current forum. Do you have any suggestions to see what may have happened. I have checked server error logs...
  15. Jonathan Carl

    LInux VPS Hosting.

    I purchased a VPS from not to long ago, and love there services and servers. I just wanted to see what good VPS host's you have found for linux.
  16. Jonathan Carl

    Duplicate  Username updating

    Not sure if this is a bug, or not. But after changing my forum name, i noticed every thread i started it still shows my Original name, instead of my new name. When I open the Thread it shows my new name, just not in the listings.
  17. Jonathan Carl

    Transfer issues..

    I transfered all my files to a more powerful server and after i make all the needed adjustments i receive an error. " An unexpected error occurred while accessing the error handler. Please try again later. " What would cause this to happen?
  18. Jonathan Carl

    Not planned Moderator Control Panel

    Not sure if this has been suggested yet, but today I was testing out the moderator permissions, and I noticed there is not panel for mods. Also, i would like my moderators to be able to ban, and search for users just like vb i guess. Will this be implemented before a beta is over?
  19. Jonathan Carl

    Server issue  Security Error

    A am now recieving a error when attempting to change style properties to Message Elements , and most likely other areas as well. This started as soon as I updated to beta 5, i have tested on live and dev forum.
  20. Jonathan Carl

    Sub-Forum mod

    I have seen a few mods for sub-forums but they seem to not work. I am looking for something like is in this picture: The VSa Sub forum display would really come in handy for my forum. I would appreciate it if someone could create something similar to this.