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  1. claudiucjc

    Administrator Maximum attachments per message

    How I can add more attachements per message as a administrator. The limit is 5 attachments globally for I would like to make unlimited for me as a administrator. It is possible?
  2. claudiucjc

    XF 2.2 Articles URL format

    Hello, I would like to know how I can make my posts in Articles forum to have this URL format /2021/03/08/Article-Title As I know macrumors use xenforo and I see they have the URL format for articles like that. Example:
  3. claudiucjc

    Resources addon Payment extension

    Hello, I've just bought the Resources addon and I wolud like to extend the support for one more year (I saw is for $15 on year) but I can't find the option to extend this addon. Thank you.
  4. claudiucjc

    XF 2.2 Forums Title + Breadcrumb local Category

    Hello, I countinue with my issue from this topic in here because there main issue is solved But now the second issue is I would like to we this code: <xf:if is="!$noH1"> <xf:if is="$containerKey ==...
  5. claudiucjc

    XF 2.2 Category or prefix next to the forum title

    Hello, I'm trying to add the category next to the forum title like in the screenshot. It is possible something like that? It doesn't matter the position of that text, probably will be at the beggining of the forum title (h1). I would like to do that because I will have few forum with the same...
  6. claudiucjc

    XF 2.2 Chane URL Route of /theads to /category

    Hello, I'm a new xenforo customer and I have a newbie question. I checked the documentation and I googled before posting but to be honest I can't find the right answer. I made a category on my forum and I Route the link to /categoryName in this category name I have another category child...