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  1. mra0

    Share This - Tweet

    What does tweet do? Does it post title of post to twitter or body of post or both?
  2. mra0

    Show Thread But Hide Posts From Guests

    Does xenforo have the ability to just show thread listing without read access to post for visitors? Want visitors to register to see posts but they can see all the threads without problem.
  3. mra0

    Change thread author and date

    My plan when I get xenforo: copy/paste from blog posts into xenforo and match date and author. The problem with that is the date and author will not be correct. Looking for a feature like that.
  4. mra0

    Edit Post Date And Author

    Does xenforo allow admin to change the data and author of post? My plan when I get xenforo: copy/paste from blog posts into xenforo and match date and author Hope I can do that.
  5. mra0

    How Does Xenforo Handle Links?

    Let's say I have and the shorten url is If I move it or restructure the forums, will the shorten url still work? Sorry, I don't know much about how it works.
  6. mra0

    Implemented Customize Emails

    Hope there is a way to customize all the notification email -forgot password, registration, alerts, updates, etc. This should be an easy one! ;-)
  7. mra0

    Homepage With Latest Posts

    If I want to use the homepage to list the last 10 posts from each forum, would I be able to do that with xenforo? What about the last 50 posts from the entire forum? For example: Latest News -second health post -this is a sports post -second sports post -this is a health post Health -this is...
  8. mra0

    Login using yahoo, twitter, google

    When I registered, I noticed you can use facebook to login. Is there support for yahoo, twitter, google and others? Is there a list of what is supported?
  9. mra0

    Header Image

    Is there a way to easily add a header logo image via upload on the admin side or does it have to be added via ftp? Will the logo stick when I change template? Hope this one is easy.
  10. mra0

    Not a bug  Subscribe To This Page

    I'm using firefox and when I visit the sub forums, I can see the browser subscribe to this page icon but when I visit it's not there. Feed not working on main page?
  11. mra0

    Not a bug  Delayed Alert

    I submitted my first post about 40 minutes ago along with several other posts after and I just received my first system alert 5 minutes ago. I checked to see what it was about and it shows this First Message Post a message somewhere on the site to receive this.
  12. mra0

    No Inbox Attachments

    I just looked inside my Inbox and don't see any way to send an attachment. I can only link picture and video. Is there a way to enable the feature for each user or group?
  13. mra0

    captcha headache

    It took me several attempts before I could register due to captcha. Does xenforo allow ability to disable and use alternate method for security check?
  14. mra0

    External Security Check

    Does xenforo go through any type of external/3rd party security check?