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  1. Taxi

    XF 1.5 PHP UTF8

    Thank you for posting your solution. Installing php-xml after an Ubuntu update (to version 16.04.2) solved this problem for me as well.
  2. Taxi

    Add Options for Profile Post and User Status Character Limits

    Was the 140 char limit in profile posts recently added? (Recently meaning "within the last few updates") I don't remember this being an issue in the past, and looking back through my profile posts, I have older ones that are larger than 140 chars. I too would like to be able to modify this...
  3. Taxi

    XF 1.2 white page on install step 1b

    Thank you. This solved my issue as well.
  4. Taxi


    I think the difference, Fred, is that forums are typically setup to foster discussion about the topics that are important that that community. If you're using automation to send the same message, even an on-topic message, are you then going to contribute to the resulting discussions may have...
  5. Taxi

    Well I won't be upgrading again

    That's exactly how my update went. Granted, I haven't done many modifications, but that isn't by accident. That was always a nightmare with vB.
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    It seems subtlety is a lost art these days... I was kidding, of course.
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    No.. come on guys. I'm a small business owner, and I want to let lots of people know about my products (which are AWESOME by the way) so I'd like to send emails to people who I think are prospective future customers. Rather than having to bother with actually writing emails to all these...
  8. Taxi

    Not a bug After upgrading to 1.1.4, we get empty bans

    I checked my banned list and nothing has been added. I'm running BBCode Manager and Tapatalk addons.
  9. Taxi

    XF 1.1 Hundreds of pharma spam threads

    Jake's thread here encapsulates most of the best practices regarding spam and xenForo:
  10. Taxi

    Dealing With Spam

    Are you using Q&A to keep the spammers out? This solves the problem for just about everybody. Make sure you don't use simple math questions like "What is one plus one", that sort of thing. Unfortunately, it appears that reCAPTCHA has been broken, so using that is not your best option anymore.
  11. Taxi

    Lawsuit Ended - Celebration thread

    It's never shameful to be silly. Petty, yes... silly, no. IMHO of course.
  12. Taxi

    Xenforo Development

    Except in this case I think #3 is not true. Therefore #4 is not true. QED
  13. Taxi

    Is XenForo worth it?

    I converted from vB 3 about 2 years ago. Very happy that I did so. Now that we know that continued development is assured, it's a no-brainer if you're looking for a non-free forum.
  14. Taxi

    Home Theater Loft

    Thanks. Keeping it clean was a goal of mine. As far as the Amazon banner goes, there weren't very many options that weren't white. If I were better at graphics, I'd design one myself. But I'm not. :D
  15. Taxi

    Home Theater Loft Run by the folks (mostly) that used to admin the forum. (RIP) Converted from VB3 to SMF then back to VB and now XenForo, as of about a year ago. We're a small, friendly place to talk about home theater, and the technologies that surround the best...
  16. Taxi

    XF 1.1 Spam Bots

    I noticed today that I had a few spam registrations, so my theory is that a new version of XRu*er has been released, with an updated question/answer file. I simply changed my questions. I win. :D
  17. Taxi

    Is there a Multiple "Delete" Checkbox?

    I think there is an add-on that adds this feature. XenUtiles maybe? Sorry, I can't remember, and I don't have it installed.
  18. Taxi

    Turn Xenforo into Reddit?

    ...and bacon!
  19. Taxi

    Is there a Multiple "Delete" Checkbox?

    I hope that this oversight is one of the first things that gets fixed once the lawsuit gets settled. :D
  20. Taxi

    Email ban does not seem to work.

    Home -> Options -> User Registration Check "Enable CAPTCHA for Guests" and select the "Use Question & Answer CAPTCHA" radio button.