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    As designed XF2: User keeps receiving mails even when UCP is set to 'no'

    Hi there, A user kept saying the was receiving e-mails even though he had set the settings in the user control panel to not receive e-mails. The e-mails only stopped when he clicked "stop receiving e-mails from this topic" and then selected the second option. The attachment shows that the...
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    Wolt Lab Burning Board importer(5.x) Guide

    demon326 submitted a new resource: Wolt Lab Burning Board importer(5.x) Guide - WBB 5 conversion guide Read more about this resource...
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    XF 2.0 Topic prefix changes to something totally diffrent when selecting a other language

    Hi all, i'm in the midest of preparing my migration to XF 2.0 and i'm running into a strange issue. I downloaded the dutch lang pack for 2.0, but when selecting dutch as my lang, my prefixes have totally diffrent values. I assuem that is because there must be a mistake in the languange file...