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  1. R1Lover

    Are there any BUSY XF sites ?

    I have gone through the list of sites in the off topic section... most of them are dead links, errors or sites with no active members online. Are there any active XF sites that you can refer me too? I would like to see some larger XF sites and how they are using XF. When I say larger, I mean...
  2. R1Lover

    I can't view thumbnails, why?

    For some reason when I click on a thumbnail to view the image I get a permission error? Do I have to be a licensed customer in order to view images on this site? Also, ALT +S doesn't work with starting a new thread due to there being two Create Thread buttons on the screen.
  3. R1Lover

    A lot of old faces errrrrrrrrrrr names

    Just wanted to say hello, long time vb user here that turned on vb when internet brands took over. I ended up going with IPB and love it. I'm looking forward to this new project and am excited to watch it grow.