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  1. gmaister22

    My feedback

    I was in a conversation, as thats what the forums are for on a post, discussing about the xenforo 2.0 status. We are all different and everyone has his opinion, i dont want, nor i care to change somebody's opinion, i just post mine...but that was deleted, mine and many others with the excuse...
  2. gmaister22

    any designer? :D

    hey guys :) i'm starting a new forum, and i am of course going to use xenforo :) anyone kind enough to give me a hand with the logo design? just mp or reply here ^^ thanks :love:
  3. gmaister22

    Duplicate XenForo needs a CMS

    It's a request that it has been discussed. I couldn't find a separate post for it though, so i'm starting a new one. Forums are taking the downhill, with all that new social websites around, having just a forum on your website is not enough nowadays, with all that competition around. XenForo...
  4. gmaister22

    ZEND and PHP

    Hello there, i'm planning on creating a new forum, i really love xenforo, that's why i have a license of course! But, with all that IPS 4 developing, IPB is tempting, but that's the main point of this thread. I'm interested in knowing if xenForo is planning on updating ZEND (zend's latest...
  5. gmaister22

    Child Style

    What is a Child Style? For example, i have purchased a premade skin for 1.1.4, but, i have changed a lot of stuff on that skin, i've added some stuff on extra.css and i have also changed some other templates. Now, i have upgraded my xF forum to version 1.1.5, and the author of the skin has...
  6. gmaister22


    I just noticed that my RSS wouldn't work, so i checked the Server Error Log via admin.php in xenforo That's the error log: Error Info Zend_Db_Statement_Mysqli_Exception: Mysqli prepare error: Not unique table/alias: 'forum' - library/Zend/Db/Statement/Mysqli.php:77 Stack Trace #0...
  7. gmaister22

    memcached config

    I just installed memcached and memcache (not sure if its needed to have em both installed, some people say its better to have em both up and running) That's what i have added in the config file: $config['cache']['enabled'] = true; $config['cache']['frontend'] = 'Core'...
  8. gmaister22

    Google Analytics "Tracking Not Installed"

    I have added by Google Analytics Property ID at Statistic at the admin panel but i still get Status: Tracking Not Installed after 3 days.. any ideas?
  9. gmaister22

    XF 1.1 after converting to xenForo...

    Hey there.. few days ago, i converted my board from IPB to xenForo and i just noticed that my Google Webmaster Tools is full of errors. Obviously, IPB uses a different URL structure so all my URLs on google are in IPB structure...thus Webmaster Tools is giving errors... As you can see...
  10. gmaister22

    xF + PHP 5.4

    Should i upgrade my PHP to 5.4.14? Or is it going to break anything?
  11. gmaister22

    NGiNX + cPanel anyone?

    Anyone uses cPanel with NGINX as a replacement of Apache?
  12. gmaister22

    Something's wrong

    Hey there Something is wrong ever since i converted from IPB to xF (yesterday) I go to, login and everything is fine Then i go to and boom, what the heck? I'm not logged in. It's like 2 different sites. I had a 301 permanent redirection of...
  13. gmaister22

    User group sidebar styling

    Hey there I used those 2 tutorials: and Though there is no styling applied on Users Online Now on sidebar :(...
  14. gmaister22

    Issues with my menu

    I am using Animate, from XenFocus and my website is : Any ideas how i can fix the nav bar?
  15. gmaister22

    Local Password Prompt when using Facebook to Signup

    I'd would be cool (i think it should be an option build in for that) to have a setting to let people that sign up via Facebook to create a local password the at the sign up form. It will make things easier if you later disable Facebook Connect!
  16. gmaister22

    Setting a local password when signing up via Facebook, Twitter, Steam etc

    As the Facebook documentation states, there is a way that you can let people create a local password How can that be achieved? Thanks in advance!
  17. gmaister22

    something is wrong

    Yesterday i converted my forum from IPB to xF, everything was fine, now that i just woke up and i visited my site i saw at the footer: jQuery.extend(true, XenForo, { visitor: { user_id: 0 }, serverTimeInfo: { now: 1369045615, today: 1369004400, todayDow: 1 }, _lightBoxUniversal: "0"...
  18. gmaister22

    Display usergroup color

    Is there a way to globally change the color of each usergroup? I've edited all the usergroups to the coloring of my needs, but i can't seem to be able to display it in all elements of the forum...any ideas?
  19. gmaister22

    2 issues

    Hello guys, i was wondering how i can change the hovering color of the .navTabs also, how i can change the editor to a darker color
  20. gmaister22

    Changing the height of the header area

    I have changed the value here at Style Properties -> Header and Navigation -> Height of Header Logo but as you can see there is a huge gap now. Any ideas how to move the forums up? and how i can move the logo a bit up seems that i am having a really hard time to change...