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  1. toodlez

    XF 2.1 Drop down menu styling

    Is there a specific place to edit the styling for the menu-linkRow:hover element? I can't find a style property for this
  2. toodlez

    XF 2.1 "Post Thread..."

    Where does the "..." come from in the "Post Thread..." button on the forum list main page? I'd like to remove this
  3. toodlez

    XF 2.0 Admin Login

    Is there any way to customize the color scheme of the admin login page on XF2 like there was on XF1?
  4. toodlez

    XF 2.0 Hide sidebar in Help for specific page

    Is there any way to target a specific page of the help section to hide the sidebar with css? I ask this, as the template is still the same one across all of the help pages
  5. toodlez

    XF 2.0 Custom Field with Restrictions

    Is there any way to make a custom user field that is a text field only allow a specific set of data to be used once on the site? For example, if I made a custom field for Youtube Accounts, it would only allow a specific youtube account to be entered on one user account on the forum... if put my...
  6. toodlez

    XF 2.0 Public Navigation Nesting

    I have the following structure on a Navigation Item via the Public Navigation system Tab Name > Child Tab > Child Tab 2 >>>Child of Child Tab 2 >>>Child of Child Tab 2 >>>Child of Child Tab 2 > Child Tab 3 When I go to the link for Child Tab 2, which has 3 other links nested inside of it...
  7. toodlez

    XF 2.0 Links in Subnavigation

    I am trying to add the following link in my navigation {{ link('roster/roster/index', $club) }} however, it just generates the following link rather than id from $club)/index how do I accomplish this in the public navigation section...
  8. toodlez

    XF 2.0 Nodes Unavailable After Upgrade

    I have quite a few old page nodes that kick me out this error when selecting them in the ACP Oops! We ran into some problems. The node type record for this node cannot be found. It cannot be modified. This was only an issue after upgrading to XF2 Is the data lost forever, or is there a fix...
  9. toodlez

    RM 2.0 Tag line length

    Is there any way to increase the tag line character length for the resource?
  10. toodlez

    XF 2.0 Sign Up Link to Page instead of Overlay

    How do you edit the register link to go directly to the /register page rather than an overlay?
  11. toodlez

    XF 2.0 Hiding top breadcrumb

    How do you hide just the top breadcrumb with css now in xf2?
  12. toodlez

    XF 2.0 Navigation Tabs

    I am wanting to put the navigation options for "Your Account" into my subnavigation when viewing any related account management pages... is there a way to accomplish this while also avoiding adding an "Account" main link to the main navigation tabs (can you HIDE the tab from showing in the main...
  13. toodlez

    XF 2.0 Upgrades Page

    I am wondering if there's a way that I can get the available upgrades block itself and pull that to a separate page node for further customization? I want to further style it a page for upgrades and add text and content above the upgrade block
  14. toodlez

    XF 2.0 Media BBCodes

    I use the s9e media add-on, but it is causing a few issues with some other addons.... when I disable or uninstall this add-on, all of my default media bbcodes are gone (youtube, twitter, etc) What procedure do I need to follow to restore those defaults that come with XF2?
  15. toodlez

    XF 2.0 CSS for specific forum node / page node

    What css do I require to call for specific page node or forum node to display things differently (such as background color) than the standard style? Thanks
  16. toodlez

    XF 2.0 Breadcrumbs on XF2

    Couple of questions 1 - How do you remove the breadcrumbs at the top (and bottom for that matter) of the main forum list page? 2 - How would you go above relocating the top breadcrumb WITHIN a forum and WITHIN a thread BELOW the forum title as well as BELOW the thread title?
  17. toodlez

    MG 1.1 Image embedding

    When you click the media gallery embed icon, how can you edit the display of the embed to simply just the full-sized image? Right now it comes in with a container, with tabs and a info tab for the media Thanks KYRIE by toodlez posted Jul 4, 2015 at 12:58 PM
  18. toodlez

    MG 1.1 BB Code

    Whenever I insert an image via the "Media Gallery Embed" icon in a post, it simply displays the raw BBCode once posted... I have even done an uninstall of the add-on via the admin CP and a reinstall, same results Any ideas?
  19. toodlez

    XF 1.5 Can be deleted

    Please delete
  20. toodlez

    XF 1.5 Conditionals

    Is there a conditional for the following situation? I want to show the profile feed, but I only want to show the profile feed of one specific user's profile posts.