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    Disappointed in XenForo 1.2 ...

    I did somehow prefer the look of the old editor but it's all great!
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    Looking forward now to 1.1

    I think it will be september actually, August seems to early in my opinion, I reckon the final maintenance release for 1.0 will be 1.0.6, then the release after that will be 1.1.0 Beta maybe, will there be a beta or Release candidate for 1.1?
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    How Many Styles Do You Have Installed?

    I have 54 styles installed on my MyBB forum with around 2000 active users at busy times :) I have the theme selector plugin installed to MyBB.
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    Implemented Autosave post drafts

    Its like the Wordpress auto-save, This would defiantly make me buy XF if it had the features like that.
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    How many users does xenForo support?

    We did use Apache in the past but we decided to go LiteSpeed Because we though it could handle a lot more than what Apache could as our forum grew larger each day and the server was under a lot of stress, We reilized then that our dedi was the problem to we upgraded to what we are at today...
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    How many users does xenForo support?

    I run a forum with the following stats: Threads: 827,238 Posts: 9,623,437 Members: 635,234 Average of users online: 4,000 My specs are as follows: RAM: 12GB Processor: AMD phenom || X6 1055T 6-core Processor Harddrive: 2.5TB We use Litespeed webserver and MyBB 1.6 and rarely get any problems...