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  1. Abu Ghaith

    XF 2.2 How to Disable Tags In Media?

    Hi, As I Mentioned In the Title, How can I Disable Tags In Media When Add New Content?
  2. Abu Ghaith

    XF 2.2 Forum Stats not exact!

    Hello to all! I observe that the forum stats are not exact. for example here in XF Community, we have 172584 Threads But actually, we have more than 180k threads. An Explanation for That?
  3. Abu Ghaith

    XF 2.2 Add site name and visitor phrases to the notice

    Hello to all! Any idea how to add "site name "and "visitor phrases" to the notice like this :
  4. Abu Ghaith

    Not a bug Notes not appears in resources

    When adding a note in the resources it does not appear. Likewise, when you choose Page criteria for the note to appear in Resources and Sections, it disappears and does not appear in both.
  5. Abu Ghaith

    RM 2.2 Please enter a valid tag line.

    I don know if is a bug or something else but I can't add a resource
  6. Abu Ghaith

    Not a bug Template error: Cannot call method getUserTitles

    I don't know if is a bug or related with an add-on I get this error when a guest post a thread Server error log ErrorException: Template error: Cannot call method getUserTitles on a non-object (NULL) src/XF/Template/Templater.php:1150 Stack trace #0 [internal function]...
  7. Abu Ghaith

    XF 2.2 I have a Troubleshooting with " Search forums "

    hello, I try to create a " forum search" following the same setup as mentioned in this topic, but the threads with the prefix selected is not moving to the "forum search" so I don't know if...
  8. Abu Ghaith

    XF 2.2 Missing field 'itemListElement'

    I tested my home page web site in, I get: "Page not eligible for rich results known by this test" All is right for The Threads after I tested the PAGE_CONTAINER I get This: "Missing field 'itemListElement" <ul class="p-breadcrumbs {{ $variant ...
  9. Abu Ghaith

    XF 2.2 What's the default size for User Banner?

    Hello, as say in the title, want to know the default size for User Banner Thank you
  10. Abu Ghaith

    XF 2.2 Some site do not allow reqeusting the same file twice.

    when I try to download the full XF package with IDM a get this it happens just with
  11. Abu Ghaith

    PostBit Vertical or horizontal

    I have a suggestion to add an option for changing the form of postbit ( vertical or horizontal) thank you,
  12. Abu Ghaith

    XF 2.2 Lighthouse returned error: generic :: internal: APP :: 1: Abnormal renderer termination, status = crashed exit_code = 1

    When testing Google PageSpeed For a website using XenForo 2.2, Get the following error : Lighthouse returned error: generic :: internal: APP :: 1: Abnormal renderer termination, status = crashed exit_code = 1
  13. Abu Ghaith

    XF 2.1 Problem with importing attachments

    Hi, I do many tests to import attachment from vb to Xf using the last version of the importer, I put the full path for attachments but nothing imported from attachment (attachment 0) tested by many paths : public_html/vb/attachment /home/user/vb/attachment ./vb/atachment ./vb/attachment/
  14. Abu Ghaith

    XF 2.1 Attachments not found after import

    Hello, I hope I found a reasonable solution to the issue. I was doing an import operation from vb 3.8.11 to XF 2.1.7 The operation was done fine, but with attachment, the import not working perfectly, in Vb there more than 50.000 attachments, but after import, I found just 80 Thank You,
  15. Abu Ghaith

    Congrats on new homepage design!

    Finally :love:
  16. Abu Ghaith

    Get blank page when testing responsive website

    Hi everybody, sorry if the topic is out of this forum when I testing my forum to get a result if is responsive; I get a blank page, I was tested many websites they offer the service like but always a blank page, the same with xenforo community thank you
  17. Abu Ghaith

    XF 2.1 alert_opt_out.translate_phrase_reaction

    take a look on the screenshot
  18. Abu Ghaith

    Languages &amp; phrases

    hi i found this in phrases : Languages &amp; phrases admin_navigation.languagesAndPhrases the correct phrase is : Languages And phrases
  19. Abu Ghaith

    Lack of interest Preview Buttons for signature

    Hi, I suggest to add an option for the signature to preview the signature before share it.