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  1. Donnie La Curan

    XF 1.4 Adding Facebook like to every page, some pages work & some don't

    I made this template: <xen:require css="share_page.css" /> <div class="sharePage"> <xen:if is="{$xenOptions.facebookLike}"> <div class="facebookLike shareControl"> <xen:container var="$facebookSdk">1</xen:container> <div class="fb-like"...
  2. Donnie La Curan

    Duplicate Spam Cleaner in Admin -> Edit User

    It would be helpful to have a link in the Edit User area that opens the Spam Cleaner window. Maybe under the Actions drop down. Right now I don't see a similar way to achieve the same thing in the admin.
  3. Donnie La Curan

    Lack of interest {$valueRaw} for custom field value display HTML output

    I would like to have {$valueRaw} available to use so that when a URL is input for the value, I can use it without XF converting it to a link automatically. See this thread:
  4. Donnie La Curan

    XF 1.1 Can I ban by hostname?

    Probably 99% of spam sign ups are coming from IP's. And so on ... Is there a way I can block * I could almost guarantee that I have no legit users on my site using that. My other option would be to stick this in the...
  5. Donnie La Curan

    XF 1.1 Multiple forum import merge into one ... possible?

    Just curious and throwing this out here. One forum running on the site that was imported from previous software on the same domain. Second forum on different domain. Can it be imported on top of the current forum? I don't know if it can happen or not. Users would be merged by email. Would...
  6. Donnie La Curan

    XF 1.1 After import, some posts by Guest

    A user brought it up to me today. He actually had to make a new account because it didn't exist in the import. Though he said if you search for his username it pulls up all the posts he made. I looked in the thread and post table but all of those ids are associated with Guest user_id 0. Kinda...
  7. Donnie La Curan

    XF 1.1 Permissions Issue

    I have 2 user groups. The first one is the Registered group that is default. The next group is a Members group. I set up a User Group Promotion so that when a user hit 5 posts they were placed in the Members group. The only difference between these 2 groups is the permissions on 2 forums...
  8. Donnie La Curan

    XF 1.1 JS error when clicking links Got XenForo installed and then imported a phpBB3 forum. No problems what so ever. Then when I start browsing the forum I realize links don't work. Once I click a link that doesn't do anything, the rest of the links on the site seem to stop working and are no longer...
  9. Donnie La Curan

    Insert/edit Image just refreshes, doesn't add code to box

    Running XenForo 1.1.2 Not sure when this happened. But now when you click Insert/edit Image, put in a valid URL, and then click Insert you will see it upload and process. Then it refreshes and just shows the Insert/edit Image popup again. No code is inserted into the editor. No errors show up...
  10. Donnie La Curan

    [Sevenpixels] Thread Redirection

    What is Thread Redirection? Thread Redirection allows you to create a thread in your forum and set a redirection URL. When a user clicks the link to the thread they will be redirected to the the URL you provided. This is based on the thread redirection system already built into XenForo when...
  11. Donnie La Curan

    Capturing new field(s) on thread creation

    I added a new field in the thread_create template and I have a class that extends XenForo_ControllerPublic_Forum. I'm trying to capture the field by using this: $someVar = trim($this->_input->filterSingle('field_name', XenForo_Input::STRING)); But it's not coming back with anything. Any ideas?
  12. Donnie La Curan

    Add additional options to thread

    Basically I want to be able to add permissions to allow an extra field to appear when creating a thread. There are lots of examples with permissions, so that's not a problem. My problem lies with adding additional fields to the create thread page. controllerName...
  13. Donnie La Curan

    Creating new themes resources?

    Are there any good resources for creating new themes. For instance, at it's very basic which templates are required? I'm looking for more than just styling ... basically creating from scratch.
  14. Donnie La Curan

    Lack of interest Add miscellaneous field to Header property

    Appearance -> Styles -> {Style} -> Style Properties -> Header and Navigation -> Header There is not a miscellaneous field to add in some extra CSS. I think it would be good to have one here. I was trying to add in "background-size: 100%;" and had to go into the template header.css to edit that...
  15. Donnie La Curan

    Inverted color palette, link/media insert is too light

    I flipped the color palette on the default XenForo theme and everything seemed to work fine. But when you try to add a link or insert media the text in the box is too light. I'm assuming it's using the light text but the box color is too bright. They wash out and you can't see anything.
  16. Donnie La Curan

    Lack of interest Use Faster Google +1 Button Code <script type="text/javascript"> (function() { var po = document.createElement('script'); po.type = 'text/javascript'; po.async = true; po.src = ''; var s =...
  17. Donnie La Curan

    Fatal error: Maximum execution time exceeded when uploading avatars

    It was originally 30 seconds so I bumped that up to 120 seconds. It's still timing out though. I am using the ImageMagick PECL Extension. No other errors show up. [15-Jul-2011 16:20:16] PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in...
  18. Donnie La Curan

    Not a bug  Poll calculations off

    I started a poll with 9 options, you can select more than one answer. 6 answers have been picked one time and the percentage next to each one says 25%.
  19. Donnie La Curan

    Lack of interest Google Analytics Site Speed Tracking It would be nice to have this added to the Google Analytics code.
  20. Donnie La Curan

    You have insufficient privileges to reply here.

    Users get this error on certain posts. I checked in the permissions and it appears that everyone is set up properly. I am able to make posts in that forum, but I am the administrator. The users can post in other forums...