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  1. AppleJack

    How to add a custom Tab

    Ever want your user upgrades to have their own tab? well look no futher. You will need to go Admin Cp --> Appearance --> style --> Your Skin-->Templates Once your in templates go to "navigation" Search for this once your in navigation <!-- extra tabs: end --> <xen:if...
  2. AppleJack

    CoreModding v5 [Paid] [Deleted]

    AppleJack submitted a new resource: CoreModding v5 (version 1.2) - A Custom Gaming Skin Read more about this resource...
  3. AppleJack

    CoreModding a Gaming site im gonna switch my domain soon but anyways i would love feedback on the site any ideas on how to make it better :)
  4. AppleJack

    How can i convert a skin from IP Board to Xenforo

    Well i made a custom skin for IP Board and i want to use it for Xenforo how would i convert it to Xenforo?
  5. AppleJack

    I love this software

    was searching for softwares like IP Board and Xenforo popped up it 100x better than IP Board bought my license and everything im gonna cancel my IP Board license and stay with you guys permenently.