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  1. Joshua

    XF\Db\Exception: Truncated incorrect DOUBLE value

    Can someone help me generate queries to help me through a failed XMG upgrade? XF\Db\Exception: MySQL query error [1292]: Truncated incorrect DOUBLE value: 'a:0:{}' in src/XF/Db/AbstractStatement.php at line 228 XF\Db\AbstractStatement->getException() in src/XF/Db/Mysqli/Statement.php at line...
  2. Joshua

    XF 2.1 Media uploaded but not post-able, shown with strikethrough?

    This issue has arisen now on two of my sites but let's stick with the first one. Power user 50k messages. Uploaded tons of media. Says now all of a sudden his photos upload but are not post-able. They show up under his post as if uploaded but with a strikethrough and without the ability to add...
  3. Joshua

    XF 2.1 Member can no longer upload media?

    When he does, it shows up unusable and with strike-through. The only screenshot he sent me was a cell phone pic of a laptop screen so I'll spare you that. I think I've checked all the usual places but I guess I must've missed something! Thanks in advance!
  4. Joshua

    XF 1.5 SQL query to remove all posts by guests?

    See here These threads somehow became inaccessible and I'm trying to find the easiest way to remove them all. Any tips are much appreciated!
  5. Joshua

    XF 2.1 Turning off two-step verification off

    Is it still possible to turn two-step verification off via the config file? The solutions posted for 1.5.x didn't seem to work properly for me in 2.1.1. If it's relevant, using a centminmod lemp stack by @eva2000 on digital ocean droplet
  6. Joshua

    XF 1.5 ACP shows no active user upgrades despite having recently active user upgrades

    Not sure how to go about fixing this but I know I have recent user upgrades and recently renewed active user upgrades but when I go to see who's upgraded, the ACP page says "No results found." Any ideas?
  7. Joshua

    XF 1.5 Mobile ad displaying UNDER tablinks sub-menu?

    Aside from using a div tag to push this ad unit down (a messy solution), I can't figure out why this ad is displaying underneath the tablinks sub-menu. Any tips? Thanks in advance!
  8. Joshua

    XF 1.5 Poll creation and edit dialogues didn't upgrade?

    I upgraded to 1.5.14 a while ago but didn't realize my polls weren't working. When I go to vote on a poll I get the please select at least one option error. I had a xenplaza add-on installed that allowed for multiple selections. The add-on was disabled and today it was uninstalled. This changed...
  9. Joshua

    XF 1.4 Upgrading directly from 1.4.10 to 1.5.14

    What, if any, issues should I expect to encounter during this upgrade? Thanks in advance!
  10. Joshua

    XF 1.3 Code event listener and template modification issues

    Something is broken with one of my XF installs... I can't save changes on the Xen Media Gallery options page. Which leads me to believe there's an issue with some code event listeners loading. Navigation tabs aren't working properly (not showing for XMG). The template modifications problem is...
  11. Joshua

    Add-on XenMediaGallery and Footer Links add-ons not operating properly

    I noticed the other day that on one of my forums the media tab (for the XenMediaGallery) and the sitewide footer links (@BamaStangGuy's add-on, found on all my other sites) are both not showing up. The media gallery still shows on the index and is accessible and functional otherwise but the tab...
  12. Joshua

    XF 1.3 Users awaiting approval page throws 504 Gateway Time-out

    I have ~100 users waiting to be approved/denied for registration and when I click to view the list in the ACP, I get a "504 Gateway Time-out" every single time. Any tips on what server parameters I can change (probably for nginx) to get around this? I'm guessing it's a memory issue?
  13. Joshua

    Centmin Mod Users: Email handling?

    Now that Microsoft is no longer going to support custom domain email handing, I need to find another cost-effective solution. What do you all use for mail handling? I'm thinking maybe I could set up a separate Digital Ocean droplet specifically for email? I run a small network of sites, so it...
  14. Joshua

    XF 1.3 Friendly URL Redirects for NginX

    For some reason my VPS isn't redirecting properly for friendly URLs. The forum is installed to I'm using Nginx with Centmin Mod and I have the following in my file: server { server_name; rewrite ^...
  15. Joshua

    XF 1.3 Moved to new server. Index shows blank page

    I'm moving an active XF forum from a dedicated machine to a Digital Ocean droplet. I compressed all public files, scp-ed the archive, moved it to the new machine where I decompressed it. I did a mysqldump of the DB and scp-ed the SQL file and restored on the new VPS. Then I changed the...
  16. Joshua

    XF 1.3 ElasticSearch "Display results as threads" yields no results

    I'm trying to figure out why when I search using the "Display results as threads" option, there are zero results returned. I am using the latest version of XF and the ES plugin and ES v1.1.0. This issue affects Tapatalk BYO functionality as Tapatalk uses the "display results as threads" option...
  17. Joshua

    XF 1.3 Click on Tools>ElasticSearch Setup throws error

    Not sure why this is happening, as the rebuilding of elasticsearch indexes worked fine, but when I go to ACP>Tools and click on "Elasticsearch Setup" I get the following error screen:
  18. Joshua

    XF 1.3 Allocation for memory pool?

    Just got this error message. I just moved to a CentMinMod droplet on Digital Ocean. Still ironing out the configuration settings. Any assistance is greatly appreciated! An exception occurred: include(): Unable to allocate memory for pool. in...
  19. Joshua

    XF 1.3 MyBB 1.6.9 import errors

    I swear I just jinxed myself by saying "this is going pretty well" when I look up and see the following error: Mysqli statement execute error : Duplicate entry '680407' for key 'PRIMARY' Zend_Db_Statement_Mysqli->_execute() in Zend/Db/Statement.php at line 297 Zend_Db_Statement->execute() in...
  20. Joshua

    XF 1.3 MyBB Test Import Link and Attachment Issues

    I have a fresh test import of a MyBB 1.6.x forum that shows attachments in posts like this: [attachment=xxxxxx] And links are not clickable. Any ideas what could be causing this and how to remedy it?