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  1. Maxxamillion

    Forum node icons addon

    I usually use the but it is not maintained. but since i've updated my forum when i create a new forum area it will not allow me to upload any new icons for the nodes. is there any other addons that i can use to...
  2. Maxxamillion

    XF2 Media Gallery

    Will this move over to XF2, I would hate to see the media gallery go
  3. Maxxamillion

    Gaming Avatars 2017 Edition

    Maxxamillion submitted a new resource: Gaming Avatars 2017 Edition - Gaming Avatars 2017 Edition Read more about this resource...
  4. Maxxamillion

    Knowledgeable youtubers

    Are there any members here who either know a lot about YouTube or are currently running their own youtuber channel? If you are either one of those would you mind dropping me a PM please.
  5. Maxxamillion

    Giving away xenforo

    I'm just curious, obviously we cannot sell our licenses more than once but are we allowed to give the account to someone else? As is no transactions of money between the two parties purely just giving them my account?
  6. Maxxamillion

    MG 1.1 Template Edit

    What template do i need to look for to add in additional text to the main home page of the media gallery? Would like to add some additional text where the red box is to this page if possible please
  7. Maxxamillion

    XF 1.5 Custom Widget freezing user navbar

    Im not sure why but i added a custom widget to a black page on my site however the widget causes the user nav bar (inbox, alerts etc) to be in a constant loading stage, it doesnt freeze the page but just that nav bar and you can still use the widget it have added. I wanted to know what might be...
  8. Maxxamillion

    Staff page

    I was looking for a staff page and saw this on YT talk, any ideas what addon this is if it is one?
  9. Maxxamillion

    Xenzine to xenporta

    if I am unable to get the changes I want for xenzine I will move over to xenporta but I am currently unable to move all my articles over as there isn't a port from xenzine to xenporta is anyone able to create a way for me to port articles from xenzine to xenporta, happy to discuss prices via PM...
  10. Maxxamillion

    XF 1.5 User upgrade alerts

    is there a way to receive alerts when user upgrades are coming to an end? As it would be useful when people purchase advertising so it reminds me to remove banner after a certain period of time?
  11. Maxxamillion

    XF 1.5 User Upgrades

    Is there a way to add a user upgrade to an already existing account. As i would like to add one to an account that bought via me directly rather than the site upgrade system
  12. Maxxamillion

    Xenzine Addon Alteration

    I am desperately looking for someone who is able to edit this addon slightly for me. All i am looking to add is to scrap the discussion tab within the articles and have a comments sections below. I have seen this done on the xenzine site by a member but he never responded to my request at how...
  13. Maxxamillion

    Duplicate Ban links for usergroups

    i would like the ability to be able to stop certain user groups from posting links in the forums/profile posts. Links are part of the spam problem and by having this we could cut out a ton of the spam links. Would save me a lot of time moderating posts for links that are not allowed.
  14. Maxxamillion

    Browser issue Profile Updating Mobile Issue

    Not sure what this issue is but when in my ACP on mobile and i wish to edit a user, say im changing the usergroup they are in, it auto put my username in their username space and requires me to re enter their username before saving. Slightly annoying little bug
  15. Maxxamillion

    XF 1.5 Links in profile posts

    Is there a way to stop new users posting links in profile posts, basically limiting it to certain user groups?
  16. Maxxamillion

    XF 1.5 Recent Posts

    My recent post sidebar, doesnt seem to show all of the recent posts made on the forum. I have checked the forum options to see if it allows them to show in new posts it is ticked. This doesnt happen for all forums but does for some and im not sure why or where else to check settings. I do have...
  17. Maxxamillion

    Featured Option

    Id like to be able to feature certain media content above all else, that way i would be able to select good videos from my site to showcase every week :D
  18. Maxxamillion

    MG 1.1 Feature

    Is there a way to have a set few of videos stickied above all videos as a featured option to feature videos per week maybe?
  19. Maxxamillion

    Duplicate Batch update user state

    So i was looking for a way to mass update the user state on my site, my site requires email confirmation and some accounts struggle to get the confirmation email or people forget to check the junk box. I have a few pages of users awaiting email activation, it is very time consuming going through...
  20. Maxxamillion

    Add-on Xenzine Support

    Unfortunately the guy who own xenzine does seem to offer any support on his great addon which has so much potential, hate to see something so good being left on the sideline. Anyways i was wondering if anyone is able to support me and help me make some alterations to the addon to work better...