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  1. Ryan Butters

    XF 1.2 Some Categories Missing RSS Feeds

    I've noticed that some of my categories are missing RSS feeds, and I'm completely stumped as to why some have them and some don't. I have no registered feeds, and I have found nothing to edit or toggle on individual nodes that would account for RSS at all, let alone some having it and some not...
  2. Ryan Butters

    Hiding a category except if a user has permission to see its children?

    Is it possible to hide a top level category if a user has no access to any of its sub categories or forums? An example: Category Blah Blah Sub-category Blah (usergroups given specific access) Sub-forum Blah (usergroups given specific access) On my forum most users do not have access to the...
  3. Ryan Butters

    Possible to embed youtube media in HD resolution?

    Just a quick question regarding embedding youtube video. The embed strips away additional instructions to the player, such as HD and start time. Is this a limitation of the embed process built into xF or am I not getting something. =) Sorry if this is answered elsewhere, I spent a little time...
  4. Ryan Butters

    How do I reduce the padding around forum details that fall under category sections?

    I am hoping to squish my forums together a tad. =) In particular, the empty space just above and below forums listed under a category. I'm hoping for a few pixels at best. Could someone please point me in the right direction? I suspect I'm looking for margin and/or padding adjustments, but I'm...