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  1. Lu Kas

    Specific Style per Usergroup

    I want my premium members to have a special style, thats only avaliable to them how do i do that? They are all in a own usergroup. thank you :)
  2. Lu Kas

    Attachment upload stuck @ 100%

    Hi, i searched the forum, but i cant find the solution. a member at my board tried to post a picture and told me that the upload get stuck at 100%. i couldnt belive it so i tried myself and ... i can upload many pictures, and xls and pdf but not everything. sometimes it wont work and if there...
  3. Lu Kas

    Special permission (Create after Moderation)

    Hi, maybe im blind maybe this is not working :) i would like to setup a forum where everyone can read and post but new threads needs to be moderated before people can see them. is this possible?
  4. Lu Kas

    phpbb Import

    Hi, i just importet from phpbb and now i have code like this everywhere someone inserted a picture: [attachment=0:3nfyp8m6]IMG_1289.JPG[/attachment:3nfyp8m6] is there a easy way to clean this up? i found kiers script but i...
  5. Lu Kas

    Start conversation like phpbb

    hi, it would be great that when you start a conversation out of a thread, the content or a link to the thread/post is postet into the conversation, like in phpbb. is there a way to do that? tia lukas
  6. Lu Kas

    Ad content depending on width avaliable

    Hi, i know the thread title is woot? (brogan feel free to change it) but i have no idea what would fit better. i would like to use the template ad_above_content and ad_below_content, but on my mainpage the forumwidth (width minus sidebar) is just 690 so i cant use 720 banners. on all the other...
  7. Lu Kas

    Guest with Facebook IP

    On my "current visitors" page there are guests with a facebook ip, why is facebook watching me :) a user commented that the facebook guest is "following" him so everytime he is in a thread, the facebook user is there too.
  8. Lu Kas

    Fixed  Edit with disabled Overlays = Error

    When overlays are disabled and i try to save the post again (even without changing anything), i get an "Unspecified Error".
  9. Lu Kas

    Fixed  RSS Feed {authors}

    Beta 6 When i use {authors} in the message template field of the rss feed, i get this error on hitting "import now". Object of class Zend_Feed_Reader_Collection_Author could not be converted to string 1. XenForo_Application::handlePhpError() in XenForo/Model/Feed.php at line 264 2...
  10. Lu Kas

    Center Background Image (Header)

    hi guys, i started working on a custom style but i have a problem. i am currently porting my phpbb style to xenforo you can find the original here and the test bed here as you see the background for the forum works like in...
  11. Lu Kas

    Manage your own Thread (without beeing admin)

    Hi guys, as i am not a coder, i have no idea if this is even possible. I would like to see a mod that gives normal users the power to manage their own threads (in some special forums) like deleting/editing posts (from others), closing the thread or even moving it to its final destination. do...