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  1. TerminalAddict

    Pages vs navigation highlighting

    I've got a couple of pages: and quite likely to build a couple more. What I would like to do is have links in my navigation bar (as I have) but change the selected tabs. It looks like I have to change the...
  2. TerminalAddict

    PageCallback versus my function

    So I'll be displaying my blissful ignorance here in OOP I've got some code that looks like this (that works a treat in a single php file): <?php /* SOURCE ENGINE QUERY FUNCTION, requires the server ip:port */ function source_query($ip){ $cut = explode(":", $ip); $HL2_address = $cut[0]...
  3. TerminalAddict

    Format post data AND get thread link

    A little background. I have a small class that I want to use to create my home page (the way I like it :) ) class FPS_HomePage_PageCallback_HomePage { public static function response(XenForo_ControllerPublic_Abstract $controller, XenForo_ControllerResponse_Abstract $response) {...
  4. TerminalAddict

    Template PageCallback and Wordpress

    I'm attempting to create a single page application that gets some stuff from wordpress, and displays it in the page. Reasons I'm using wordpress: I need to keep a history of posts (basically that's the only reason) While I'm typing this, I'm thinking of a more integrated way of doingthis :)...
  5. TerminalAddict

    sql help please

    ok .. I would like to be able to execute a query that give me every user that has 20 post. here's some background that I've got select distinct(username) from xf_post; Gives me all users that have posted. select count(username) from xf_post where username='TerminalAddict'; gives me a the...
  6. TerminalAddict

    xen:if condition NOT

    here's the setup: I'm doing this (which works): <xen:foreach loop="{$user.identities}" key="$service1" value="$account1"> <xen:if is="{$service1} == 'Steam'"> <div class="steamprofile" title="{$account1}"></div> </xen:if> the result is, if the identity "steam" exists, then a div is...
  7. TerminalAddict

    separate php page

    in an entirely separate php that I have (test.php) in a folder above my xf installation I have the following code (which I found on this forum): <?php $startTime = microtime(true); $fileDir = dirname(__FILE__); $fileDir = $fileDir . '/community'; require($fileDir ...
  8. TerminalAddict

    Sidebar on thread_list

    I'd like to include my side bar in thread_list. I've basically got it now, however most of the core things don't work. Who's online, Staf, and forum statistics all show the block, but the code doesn't run. I also have two plugins that have sideblocks, and on each of those I had to edit the...
  9. TerminalAddict

    how do I disable style changing?

    Can I disable style changing for users? So they only get the style I tell them they can have?
  10. TerminalAddict

    Identity services

    I'm working with message_user_info I'm doing something like this: <xen:hook name="message_user_identities" params="{xen:array 'user={$user}'}"> <xen:foreach loop="{$user.identities}" key="$service1" value="$account1"> <div id="{$service1}{$account1}"> {$account1} </div>...
  11. TerminalAddict

    ok .. doing my head in

    get a bit frustrated here. 1. Still haven't figured out how to do external pages, despite having asked this as a pre sales question :( (I'm now 8 hours into trying this) .. guess I should have asked to see examples before paying nearly $200 NZ dollars 2. I've just done a template change (I...
  12. TerminalAddict

    changing domain names etc

    Ok .. after having asked 3 pre sales question, I just busted out my credit card :) so now my first post sales question (without putting any thought or investigation whatsoever ;) ) How do I go about changing domain names and what-not for an install? I want to set the forum up on...
  13. TerminalAddict

    adding to profile bit

    Final pre sales question (I think): I'd like to add to the viewable profile portion. I've already done some reading on the addon SteamID which will probably be a good start. but I'd like something similar to: thoughts?
  14. TerminalAddict

    Db prefix

    Pre sales question 2: Is this going to change? I have limited databases available but might use xf for multiple sites. Is there a work around? Thanks
  15. TerminalAddict

    External pages

    pre sales question: can I create external pages? as an exmaple, with MyBB I can do this: <?php define("IN_MYBB", 1); define("KILL_GLOBALS", 1); require "global.php"; add_breadcrumb("testing", "testing.php"); $template = '<html> <head> <title>testing</title> {$headerinclude} </head> <body>...