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  1. Ryan Nielson

    SSL with Cloudflare and SEO

    I enabled SSL with Cloudflare's free service and immediately experienced a dramatic drop in my page rank. I used to be in the top three for my keyword, but am no longer in the top 4 pages even. Have I done something wrong with my redirects or is this a known issue with Cloudflare? RewriteCond...
  2. Ryan Nielson

    Keep Alive With SSL

    So, I've been experimenting with HTTPD Keep Alive and SSL, which I just setup a day or two ago. SSL slowed my site down by 2 seconds, so I've been trying to improve on that. Cloudflare uses SDPY 3.1, but I also tried enabling HTTP KeepAlive. The result was failure of the page to load, or...
  3. Ryan Nielson

    SSL Connections Dropping

    I recently enabled SSL with Cloudflare, but now users seem to get logged off a lot sooner than before. It seems like the connections are timing out sooner. Keep me Logged In doesn't appear to be working. Has anyone experienced this and how do I correct it?
  4. Ryan Nielson

    Duplicate Social Groups

    It would be great if the Xenforo core included a Social Group feature. Social Groups can allow for private forums, events, media sharing, and provide a great way to interact on a more personal level. The feature is included in the core for some other Forum Distributions, such as VBulletin. I...
  5. Ryan Nielson


    I would really love to see multi-site support for Xenforo. I don't mind paying more for it, but I really would appreciate a built in option to support multiple sites from the same settings, users, plugins, etc. with easy navigation between the domains. Similar to WordPress multisite. There is a...
  6. Ryan Nielson

    Apache Module - Google Pagespeed

    Has anyone installed the Google Pagespeed Module for Apache? If so, has it improved performance? Have you noticed any issues with using the service? Is there an ideal configuration for Xenforo? Thanks!
  7. Ryan Nielson

    XF 1.5 Memcache Issues

    I keep having issues with memcache timeout. It is often causes my max users to get exceeded as well, and eventually results in service crashes. Do I have a config wrong? ErrorException: MemcachePool::get(): Server (tcp 11211, udp 0) failed with: Network timeout (0) -...
  8. Ryan Nielson

    XF 1.5 Help with Server Errors

    I keep having the following server errors. They repeat once every minute or so. When I restart apache they seem to go away for a while, but then they come back. Any ideas what might be causing this? The URL requested for the error changes each time. Thanks! ErrorException: Undefined index...
  9. Ryan Nielson

    XF 1.4 Social Integration Failure after Xenforo Upgrade

    I upgraded my forum to the latest release and now my social login does not work. I believe the problem was caused by an incorrect installation. When copying the update files, I failed to set the same read/write permissions and user on the replaced files (directories were done correctly)...