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  1. Steven Parker

    Moderator links disappeared on beta 6

    I'm super administrator with primary group Administrative as well as Moderator but the links top left in the admin bar don't show for me since the upgrade?
  2. Steven Parker

    New registration + Trophies

    Are these delayed somehow? When a new user registers on my test site, their name doesn't appear immediately (after validation) in the Latest Member on the index. Trophies, for first post also seem to take a while for the alert to show. Is this intentional or is it something on our side?
  3. Steven Parker

    Implemented ACP staff logs

    For a site that has a lot of staff, like my own. It has been very handy to be able to view an ACP log of what staff have done within the ACP (like "x deleted member x", "x set option x to y" etc). Basically a way to view any staff making changes in the ACP for reference, maybe we could see the...
  4. Steven Parker

    Duplicate Usergroup name css formatting

    I noticed that the usergroup css formatting carries over in a lot of places, but it isn't global. Can this be implemented? The only place I think it shouldn't carry is in the breadcrumb nav, but everywhere else, like last post info, Members online now list etc aren't using the usergroup css...
  5. Steven Parker

    Admin page weirdness

    We had to install the PHP extension MySQLi which we did and all went well, but after logging into the admin this is what we get? It's as if there's something wrong with the CSS or a missing file? Any ideas? Admin login screen
  6. Steven Parker

    Lack of interest Admin XenForo alerts

    Would it be an idea to include a panel in the default admin page that alerts your customers to updates, news announcements and patches? Right now I don't even see a link back to XenForo at all in the ACP.
  7. Steven Parker

    Largest community using XF?

    I'm curious, any idea?