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    Daily Digest Email System

    smoseley submitted a new resource: Daily Digest Email System (version 0.1) - Daily email of recent activity on your forum Read more about this resource...
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    Mod Perms not sticking?

    I am a super-admin of my site. I add myself as a supermod, and quick-ckeck all the perms. No luck. I can't moderate anything. I remove myself as a supermod, and re-add myself as a mod, quick-check all the perms. Again nothing. Ideas? This is frustrating the hell out of me. Thanks. (PS...
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    Do expired licenses get security updates?

    Let me tell you, it's not been easy switching to XF. I decided to try it out for a small forum for my brother. He's asked me for some very simple add-ons, like profile customization, user photo albums, and daily digest emails to users (summarizing posts for the day). Obviously, if I want add'l...
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    Can't Post, Can't Download Attachments

    Hey... joined up here to download some add-ons... activated my account, can't download. Can't post in support forum... can't get a real person to communicate with... so what's the deal... someone help me out...