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    XF 1.1 Table Code for Page ?

    I liked the feature of table in the page available in this link Brogan, would you like to share the source code?
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    How to selectively delete recipient from a private message sent

    I have started a conversation where more than 15 people are there and now I want not to send further conversation to certain people in that group, only. So, how do I selectively take out the recipient from that private message? There is "invite more" option but not to take out of the conversation.
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    How to synchronize xF status with Twitter?

    How to synchronize xF status with Twitter just like Facebook and Twitter does. I wan to update status in xF but it has to be synchronize with twitter. Just like twitting from xF it self, avoiding log in in the twitter.
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    How do I display facebook picture's thumbnail to a post?

    I want to copy facebook thumbnail to a post so that it could be displayed there and when user click it would display fulll picture. I did this in Gmail but when I did it in post it doesn't display thumbnail. Does anyone know how to do it? Thanks in advance.
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    xenForo PSD file?

    How can I get xenForo PSD file?
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    I can not login to my account for long time?

    I have set up xF. When a user log in to the page, it shows log in for that page but when s/he visit to next page it doesn't show log in. Is this a bug? Thanks for suggestion in advance.
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    Suggest webhost for xenForo?

    Dear All, I am switching to xenForo from VB4 along with webhost. I would realy need your help to get the best webhost for xenForo. Thanks in advance.