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  1. Travis-Mc

    XF 1.5 User location after thread title in one forum

    I have one forum set up as a simple classifieds with a few prefixes before the thread title. I'd like to display the users location after the thread title on the thread list for just that forum. I tried doing this a long time ago and couldn't get it to work. I'm running 1.5.8. Any help would...
  2. Travis-Mc

    XF 1.5 Zend_Exception: Not a valid Mime Message: End Missing - library/Zend/Mime/Decode.php:72

    I used to get an error like this every couple of days. Now I get 5-7 per day. I know it's something with bounced emails, but not sure what. Error Info Zend_Exception: Not a valid Mime Message: End Missing - library/Zend/Mime/Decode.php:72 Generated By: Unknown Account, Today at 4:24 AM...
  3. Travis-Mc

    XF 1.5 vb3.8 import - messed up the character set in live import - latin1 to utf8

    I tested and imported one vb3.8 site to xenforo a few months ago and it went well. Then a couple of weeks ago I did another forum, but instead of putting latin1_swedish_ci in the Force Character Set field, I accidentally put $config['Mysqli'['latin1_swedish_ci'] from my notes from previous...
  4. Travis-Mc

    XF 1.5 Skyscraper ad to right of thread list

    I'd like to put a skyscraper ad (160x600px) to the right of the thread list. When the screen is scaled down to less than 1000px, it should bump under the thread list. (it could go the bottom of the page too). I don't really want it in the sidebar unless the sidebar is empty. I can't seem to...
  5. Travis-Mc

    MG 1.1 Question about imported media and albums, watching media, and email

    I've imported albums from vb3.8 to XFMG. My question is, for the albums that were imported, will creators of the albums automatically be watching their albums like they would if they just created them? I want to make sure they're getting email when people comment on their old pictures.
  6. Travis-Mc

    XF 1.5 Redirects after vb3.8 import

    I can't seem to get my redirects set up properly after importing from vb3.8 to xenforo vb3.8 was installed at and Xenforo is installed at I'm using the redirect scripts and they're working, but because I had to create the folder /forum to...
  7. Travis-Mc

    MG 1.1 Album Cover not imported

    I imported user albums and images from vb3.8.2 and none of the album covers on users albums are showing up. It looks like that information wasn't imported.