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  1. Nauman

    XF 1.5 Additional CSS to calltoaction button?

    I created a new call to action button (for creating a new thread) and wish to apply some additional CSS to it (don't want it to look like other calltoaction buttons). How do I do that? I tried putting additional CSS in Extra.css and then changing the following <a href="{xen:link...
  2. Nauman

    XF 1.5 Custom user field in place of user title

    I wish to replace the user title appearing below the avatar with values selected in a check box custom field. I have created a new custom field called qualification status as follows: Right now one option is selected so that should appear in place of user title. However, if two or three (e.g...
  3. Nauman

    XF 1.5 changing domain names

    I had originally installed xenforo at now I want to change it to (on the same host / server). On the domain / host front I know that I need to change my main domain name from to However, what needs to change on xenforo? Do I need to backup my database and server...
  4. Nauman

    XF 1.5 Extra breadcrumb bit showing just above the footer

    Hi I am in the process of setting up a new forum and installed the UIX framework and was customizing it. All of a sudden I have noticed that there is an additional breadcrumb bit showing right above the footer. I have tried to disable the installed add-ons to see what could be causing the issue...