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    XF 1.1 Endless upload of GIF avatars

    After installing Imagick and confirming that it works on my server, I am still unable to upload animated GIFs as avatars, it simply hangs and never times out. Server log contains no errors and I can use Imagick for static images, that works fine. But the moment it is an animated GIF, it locks...
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    A way to get avatars?

    I am working on a little control panel project for a minecraft server I run, it is hooked into Xenforo for authentication and I figured I'd try to use the avatar of the person logged in. However I noticed that when using the method getAvatarFilePath($userId, $size) in XenForo_Model_Avatar. I get...
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    Certain avatars refuses to upload

    I don't know how to explain this better than saying: Certain avatars does not upload, at all. I have gone through the server logs to look for errors (we use Litespeed web server), there are none. What happens is that when you click select an avatar it simply never ends. No errors, no nothing. I...