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    Hosting for new forum

    go with you wont regret i have even seen 1000 live users in a forum that uses their hosting
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    ooooooo is this new?

    no vb is like apple and nokia is xenforo....vb sues xenforo and got f**ked up :p
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    ooooooo is this new?

    apple are cheaters...they cheated from Nokia and got sued and now they are sueing other manufacturers...Xenforo is great and nothing can compete with it...its like Nokia you can say :P
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    Where is 1.1?

    will there be similar threads feature in 1.1
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    Your XenForo 1.1 Wish List

    similar threads option
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    Implemented [Suggestion] Similar Threads

    Bump! i really need this feature..i am currently in vbulletin and i would surely convert in the coming months...hope this feature is implemented