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    User controlable groups?

    I am looking for a way to create a "custom" group that will have a group leader/admin that is able to invite people to that group. Reason: I run a minecraft server that has "clans" and I want to be able to give these clans forums. However I don't want someone who is not in the clan to be able...
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    Can't ban user

    Hey one of my admins got hacked. I took away his admin perms but when I try and ban him it says you can't because the user is either a admin or a moderator.
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    Install over exsisting xF database

    So stupidly because of my self not reading I accidentally deleted my install D: but the databases stayed. Is there any way to reinstall over the existing database without deleting everything? I know I can save the database and just reimport it but is there a easier way?
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    mysql rows php callback

    I am trying to get mysql data to show in a xenForo page. This is my original php file that I want to show on the page: <?php // change these things $server = "localhost"; $dbuser = "xxxxxxx"; $dbpass = "xxxxxxxx"; $dbname = "xxxxxxxx"; mysql_connect($server, $dbuser, $dbpass)...
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    high light page in nav bar

    So I made a new page using xenForo and I made a nav bar link for it. How would I go about making it so when you are on the page it high lights the nav bar link. Problem can be found here: It high lights the "Forum" link and not the "Info" link.