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  1. Lu Kas

    CometChat - Facebook style chat bar for xenForo

    <xen:if is="{xen:helper ismemberof, $visitor, 3, 4, 35}"> <your cometchat code goes here> </xen:if> 3, 4, 35 are the usergroups that will see the chat
  2. Lu Kas

    Digital Point Spy

    not working for me either, xenforo 1.0.4 and the zip file from 30 minututes ago
  3. Lu Kas

    [bd] Tag Me

    when an ignored user tags me, i will get a notification ... i hope you can find a workaround :)
  4. Lu Kas

    Success or destruction stories with xenForo?

    Moved from phpbb to xf and hell yea ist great :) just a small board but here are some figures
  5. Lu Kas

    Terraria Online just hit 1,000,000 Messages from 0.

    6.5k posts /day ... nice :)
  6. Lu Kas

    What program does Kier use?

    Quick and easy
  7. Lu Kas


    poor little carlos :cry: , but there are no kiddies in the xf team so relax :)
  8. Lu Kas

    IPad Forum

    i voted very poor as its just the default theme with some graphics changed. i would like to see a clean apple style with different form icons and and and. with xenforo you can really create a nice community but now its just another ipad forum.
  9. Lu Kas

    Donation app (paypal)

    thats a build in feature admin cp -> user -> user upgrades
  10. Lu Kas

    Number of Unread Posts it says threads, but i think it means posts :) *edit* sry, its just for threads ...
  11. Lu Kas

    Where were you tens years ago?

    At home, watching TV as my brother was in new york and i couldnt call him. he has a ticket for the sky deck from 9/10, took the last elevator down.
  12. Lu Kas

    XF Market

    soon there will be one
  13. Lu Kas

    Recalculate and update all user post counts (query)

    thank you for your help, but i even geht the timeout when doing this between 1 and 3
  14. Lu Kas

    Recalculate and update all user post counts (query)

    I tried it, but my mysql returns "#1205 - Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction"
  15. Lu Kas

    Recalculate and update all user post counts (query)

    does this solve the problem with double imports? i imported twice, deleted the old forums and so now my post count isn't correct.
  16. Lu Kas

    Cannot reproduce Login in or Sign Up not working in IE6

    4.6% of my user use it, as some companies still run on ie6 (i know they shouldnt surf at work) ... i dont mind bugs in the style but the login should be possible.
  17. Lu Kas

    Member Map

    Is there a way we could let the map open in a popup where there is only the map? i have a huge header and my macbook users only see a tiny tiny map :)
  18. Lu Kas

    Specific Style per Usergroup

    great, that will do it :) thank you brogan
  19. Lu Kas

    Specific Style per Usergroup

    Or is it possible to have a conditions that ads are not displayed for people that are in the usergroup "xxx" ?
  20. Lu Kas

    Specific Style per Usergroup

    I want my premium members to have a special style, thats only avaliable to them how do i do that? They are all in a own usergroup. thank you :)