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  2. Tardigrades: The Most Resilient Animals in the Universe

    Tardigrades: The Most Resilient Animals in the Universe

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    Menu Widgets and Forum/Category List Widgets

    I think it would be much better if there's an optional setting to show number of topics per node for the forum widget.
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    [cXF] Thread snippet [Paid]

    Can it also show snippet in a Search Forum node? Can this be turn on/off per node?
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    [Xen-Soluce] SEO Optimization [Paid]

    Do you have future plans to add this? I think adding the page number after the stripped description would solve many duplicates, especially to those nodes and threads with many pages.
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    [Xen-Soluce] SEO Optimization [Paid]

    An example is this thread: As you can see, it already supports page number in Meta Title - Conditional Statements for XenForo 2 | Page 18 | XenForo community However, Meta Description doesn't support page...
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    [Xen-Soluce] SEO Optimization [Paid]

    Does this support pagination, i.e: Meta Title - Page x - Site Name Meta Description - Page x - Site Name ?
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    Add-on that pulls data and put on page?

    Found the answer for #2. It's a built-in feature in XF:
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    Menu Widgets and Forum/Category List Widgets

    It's really needed in the core I think. The existing add-on was already "Unmaintained".
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    Prism: add latex support and line number

    I'm hoping there will be LaTeX support soon :)
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    Add-on that pulls data and put on page?

    I see, so if position is blank then it means to display in the main content area. That's one down ;) For #2, could you recommend any add-on that can do it? Been looking for quite some time now but most of them doesn't provide pagination.
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    Add-on that pulls data and put on page?

    But there's no option to display it in the main area, mostly it's in the sidebar only. The Page node I created does not also appear in the Positions option. Also, #2 seems not doable with widget.
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    Add-on that pulls data and put on page?

    Would like to know if there are any add-ons that can do the following: Custom Homepage The main area of the homepage should contain the following: Latest 10 Threads from Forums A,B,C Latest 10 Threads from Forums X,Y,C Latest 10 Images Latest 10 Resources 10 Newest Members 10 Most Messages...
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    Separate User Content From Search

    I would like to suggest to make the user's content part of their profile instead of listings in search results. So if we're viewing a user profile, the navigation could be something like: Profile Posts | Latest Activity | Threads | Posts | Questions | Answers | Suggestions | Resources | Albums...
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    Show all threads (paginated)?

    Is it now possible in the latest version to show all threads (paginated) in one page? Basically, I want it like the RM where all resources are listed and the categories are at the sidebar.
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    XenForo 2.0 Discussion

    Is forum still a requirement to run other applications?
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    XenForo 2.0 Discussion

    Will there be also changes in classes/IDs naming, i.e. using methodologies such as BEM, OOCss, Smacss? Personally, I like the current implementation of camelCase/CamelCase (this is what I'm using since I know CSS btw :)).
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    Can Route Filter Do This?

    Is it possible for route filters to alter the URLs such that: /resources/authors/brogan.521/ ---> /members/brogan.521/resources/ /resources/categories/add-ons.28/ ---> /resources/add-ons.28/ /media/users/brogan.521/ ---> /members/brogan.521/media/ /media/users/brogan.521/albums --->...
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    Just Lost All Watched Threads

    No. What I mean is the great threads here at XF that I watched. Btw, I think this should be return to Off-Topic section.