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  1. hqarrse

    RM 2.1 Thread With Full Description

    Rather than having the snippet displayed when a thread is created in XFRM, is there a way to have the full description instead? I can see the following in xfrm_resource_thread_create & xfrm_resource_thread_update but don't know what I should replace {snippet} with? {username} submitted a new...
  2. hqarrse

    XF 2.1 Odd Behaviour & Fatal Error

    Very odd problem in that certain logged in users get a "This page isn’t working HTTP ERROR 500". Some users have no issues at all and it appears to be ok for visitors. Until recently it has been working fine and there is no obvious recent change that has caused this???! The server error log...
  3. hqarrse

    XF 2.0 Rebuild Trophies - ErrorException

    We've just upgraded one one of our sites to XF2 and when I try to rebuild trophies get the following error: ErrorException: [E_NOTICE] Undefined index: user_group_ids in src/XF/Criteria/User.php at line 243 XF::handlePhpError() in src/XF/Criteria/User.php at line 243...
  4. hqarrse

    XF 2.0 Cannot Install Addon After Previous Uninstall

    I had a previous version of s9e installed on XF 1.5. After upgrade to XF2, this was marked as a legacy add on so I uninstalled it using the option there. Subsequently I have uploaded the XF2.0 version of s9e but it isn't being detected in the ACP>addons. I can see the files in the folder...
  5. hqarrse

    Duplicate Widget - Display In Position - RH Column Doesn't Offer Options

    In the ACP>Edit Widget page I find that the ability to change the position is only present when locations appear in the LH column of the list.
  6. hqarrse

    XF 2.0 Move location of Advert "Post: Below message content"

    Currently the ad position embeds the 'Post: Below message content' into individual posts between the message content and the message footer. Grateful for any suggestions on how to move this advert into the space between two posts? TIA
  7. hqarrse

    RM 2.0 Sidebar on Right?

    I'd like to move the sidebar of the Resources Manager, What's New and Media to the right hand side but unfortunately this challenge has defeated my limited knowledge of CSS! Any assistance would be gratefully received.
  8. hqarrse

    XF 2.0 $forum Variables in Adverts

    I'm trying to use variables from $forum in the advertising slots but they don't seem to be available in the Post slots. For example, I'd like to do the following in Post:Below message content <xf:if is="{$forum.node_id}==1"> One ad <xf:elseif is="{$forum.node_id}==2"/> A different ad...
  9. hqarrse

    [Solved]Making custom ContainerParam available in Thread_View

    I am sure this has been covered somewhere in the forums multiple times, but I just cannot find it. Apologies if I am asking an stupid question. I have a small mod that checks for attachments in posts on a page and sets a variable to 1 or 0 depending on the outcome. The result is used in...
  10. hqarrse

    Page view count, per session - template variable

    Can anyone help with this...... We use a really good ad network, ebuzzing, in addition to adsense, rubicon and so on. The problem is with our use of ebuzzing in the forums is that the overlay footer ad it produces can be closed, but then it's there again when you refresh the page. This...
  11. hqarrse

    How to know if there are attachments in a page

    I want to set a template variable in the page_container_js_head template which will be true if there are any attachments in any posts on the current page (thread_view). The page_container_js_head template needs to know this before the full page is rendered as elements of the page are affected...
  12. hqarrse

    XF 1.2 Increase Recent Posts results per Page

    I'd like to increase the results per page of the recent posts, but this is not affected by the search settings for results-per-page, so is I assume hard coded somewhere. Could anyone point me to the right place to change this? Thanks
  13. hqarrse

    [Solved] Getting a reference to a node (forum) from its ID

    I am trying to add some fields to the RSS feed, initially the forum name, by using the Zend RSS setDescription method. A problem I have is that the $thread object used to create the RSS entry contains a mass of information, including the node id, but not the node title: [thread_id] => 208234...