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  1. Arik

    Conversation with User on Moderation

    When an admin or a moderator performs one of the following actions: Move a thread Merge a thread Delete a thread this mod automatically starts a conversation with the OP letting them know about the action. This mod is tied into the option menu, letting you control which actions trigger the...
  2. Arik

    Page Nav

    It's actually the rougher of the two approaches. Have to extend the Controller, too. I just ran through it...I'll attach my code, along with a plugin so you should be able to install it and run, if you want to do that. If you want to learn, I'll answer questions. If you just want to use it, it...
  3. Arik

    Online Status Indicator within Threads

    This addon is an extension of a thread within the Template Modification forum. This thread will work to support the core addon, while that one can continue with modifications to the templates. This will only work with Beta 4 and up (due to the template hooks). Usage This add-on adds a tag...
  4. Arik

    Assign Pages to Different Tabs

    This is an extremely quick mod. Pages always fall under the "Forum" tab and breadcrumbs, but sometimes that may not be what you're looking for. This mod allows you to assign a navtab to your page, which will be the tab selected when the user follows the link. As a side benefit, the...