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    If I ignore a user can they see my posts/comments?

    Just wondering if i ignore a user will they be able to see my posts/comments without ignoring me back?
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    Registration form on external page

    I'm using WP as my front end CMS, along with XenWord for Xenforo integration and things are working great right now. However I'm using some on site popups to guests with pretty good success in getting them to register for the newsletter. However I'd rather have them register for the forum...
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    XF 1.5 3 questions on Merging 2 Xenforo Installations

    I recently acquired one of my competitors and will be rolling their site in to mine. I have a few questions regarding this process. I'll be testing it first to make sure it works, but just want to seek advice from those who have done it already also to save some time. 1. Do both installs need...
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    XF 1.5 Auto fill conversation fields (Like message area)

    So I'm working in resource manager and using a generic bot to post resources kind of like a directory. But I want my members to be able to claim these resources as their own with a few simple clicks by sending a private message to the forum admins. So I've created a link that automatically...
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    RM 1.2 Displaying A Notice On Add Resource For Certain Sections

    Is there a way to display a notice to users when they are adding a resource to certain sections? Right now I can do it out on the forums usin the create thread controller and selecting the forum its active in, but I don't see anything that advanced with regards to the RM. Thanks for the help.
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    Best notice to convert guests into members

    Anyone have any tips or tricks for using the notice system to engage members to participate in the community more, and convert the guests in to members? Thanks
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    Guest Notification Addon

    Guest Notification System Alpha 0.000001a Bare with me as I learn Xenforo and feel free to contribute to this project. Lets see how this goes and if we can make it a community project... This project belongs to the Xenforo community and any code add ons from community members is appreciated...
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    Need custom Xenforo theme

    Not sure if this is the right section? But I'm looking for a custom xenforo theme. Should be compatabile with the 8WR mods like portal, media and events. Thanks