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  1. David Gardiner

    Post url color question

    Can someone point me to the setting to change in the style settings to change the color of url's or links that are posted in a thread, i.e. the ones that xenforo puts a box around, for example I can find the main link color settings on the style i'm using but not it only effects things like...
  2. David Gardiner

    If usergroup=x display y in sidebar

    How easy is it to have a snippet of code in the sidebar that displays a message to people in a certain usergroup, possibly a "upgrade your membership to ....." if usergroup = regsitered normal, sort of thing
  3. David Gardiner

    Moving hosts, any gotchas ?

    Planning to move hosts shortly, will tar up the whole pb install and export the database, anything i need to watch out for ? (i know vb used to have these weird cookie issues when you moved host).
  4. David Gardiner

    Template Modification Request

    Would be grateful if someone could help me with the following. I would like to split my members online box into the following Staff (as normal) Members Online (in usergroups X,Y,Z) Users Online (all other people online not in usergroup X,Y,Z) Count : as normal (i.e. members / guests) So...
  5. David Gardiner

    General Question

    The technique the xenforo uses to create the overlays, for example the member card, what is that called in the context of html/css etc, and does anyone know any good tutorials on its use. Thanks
  6. David Gardiner

    Adding side panel to whats new page ?

    How difficult would it be to add the side panel to the whats new page ?
  7. David Gardiner

    Mod re-write

    Is it safe to totally remove the mod-rewrite stuff (i dont need to maintain access to any imported vb url's). My issue is i've added an old locked copy of vb to a sub directory of the main forum directory, but mod re-write keeps buggering it up. So ideally i'll just run without it, but wanted...
  8. David Gardiner

    Date line and (edit etc) line above sig rather than below it ?

    Is that possible or is the sig in a different part of the template than the date/edit line ?
  9. David Gardiner

    which template is the line above each post in ?

    I'd like to darken the line between posts in a thread so its a bit more clear when where persons post finishes and anothers reply starts, but i cant find in the templates where the line between posts is defined.
  10. David Gardiner

    Host Suggestions

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a good web host for a xenoforo forum, smallish forum so shared hosting, say circa $10/mth. Currently with hostgator but having xenforo performance issues.
  11. David Gardiner

    Sluggish Forum

    hi, my relatively small xenforo installation is on hostgator, i seem to be getting periodic sluggish responses, one minute its fine, next minute its taking its time to do anything, the little progress bars showing. I'm not sure if its the software, i.e. still in beta so some debugging in there...
  12. David Gardiner

    Another noob question

    sorry got another one :) If i want to have two logo's at the top, one aligned right, one aligned left (on same row) anyone know if thats possible easily, i've found the template place i think <div id="logoBlock"> <div class="pageWidth"> <div class="pageContent"> <div...
  13. David Gardiner

    Noob question - menu at top

    Hi, sorry for the noob question. How do i add an entry at the top that links to a separate site, for example i want to add a Gallery entry in the top bar next to forums, possibly with sub entries below it (main gallery, members galleries). I'm sure its easy but cant seem to work it out :(
  14. David Gardiner

    Permissions Question

    So, i have an admin section, (category) containing two admin forums. One is for just admins, the other is for admins+moderators. I've granted the allow on the category for admins + mods. I've granted allow on the admin forum for admins, and deny for mods. I've granted allow on the mod forum...
  15. David Gardiner

    Signature colours

    Is it possible to shade a persons sig so it doesnt merge into the thread, possibly the ip, edit, etc line as well Thanks
  16. David Gardiner

    Browser issue  iphone browsing issues

    The formatting frame (bold, italic, etc) doesnt appear on the iphone
  17. David Gardiner

    Installation Error

    Hi, i'm trying to install into a remote MysqlDB (my host, GoDaddy, uses remote mysql db's for their hosting accounts, works fine for everything else, wordpress, vb, etc). After the stage Rebuilding ... Phrases (Importing) It says something like "an error has occurred, resubmitting request"...
  18. David Gardiner

    Importer question

    Can i import from a vb3.8 db in one database to a fresh database, i.e. i want to test everything first and thus use two separate db's on different servers, but both accessible.