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  1. carino

    XF 2.2 How to use the "Validator" option on Custom User field

    Greetings all, I have a discussion forum up and running and have created some custom user fields. Among the options for the user field is to value match the entry. One is called "validator". If I select that radio button, a field appears that I have a question about. How does this work...
  2. carino

    XF 2.1 Adding New Custom User Fields

    Hello All, I have my XenForo user discussion forum up and running fine. I have added a couple of new custom user fields to the registration dialog and have made these new fields required for new registrations. Is there any way to force existing users when they next log in, to be taken to...
  3. carino

    SQL to Develop Simple Report

    Greetings All, I am not SQL savvy and hoping someone here might be able to help. I have a basic discussion forum online. The database is the default and the db name is "bisel_cc_community". I have all the default fields that XF ships with that I am attempting to build SQL for ...
  4. carino

    Task Manager

    Greetings, I run a user discussion forum for a Home Owner Association and am in the process of setting up a category with access restricted to specific users (HOA Board Members). I want to have a forum in that category for implementing a simple task manager format. For example, I would like...
  5. carino

    XF 2.1 Create New User and Force Password Change on First Log In

    I would like to create new user profiles and then force the new user to change their password upon first login. Is there a way to do this in XenForo built-in functions or alternatively, is there an add-in for version 2.x that is available? Thanks for any assistance. Regards, Steve
  6. carino

    XF 2.2 Migrating Xenforo to new hosting service

    Greetings All, I am in the process of migrating my web site from the existing hosting service to another host. So far, I have moved the domain over but I have not yet changed the DNS. So it is still pointing to the old host service. I migrated the web site over and tested it using a...
  7. carino

    XF 2.0 New User Registration - Browser Message

    Hello All, When a new user registers for the discussion forum ... after entering the required data on the user registration form, an email is then generated to the new user so they can confirm their email address. No problems with this. What I would like to know is how to modify the message...
  8. carino

    XF 2.0 List All Users

    Hello All, As a novice with Xenforo, I would like ability in the admin section to have additional options when listing all users. The default sort options are to sort by User Name and Join Date and a couple of others. What I would like to see is have the ability to sort by ... Sort by...
  9. carino

    Looking for method to establish quota or limit of number attachment downloads

    Hello All, I am looking for a method or add-on that I can establish limits or quotas on the number of times an user can download an attachment. From my searches, it appears that there was (is) and add-on in XF v1.x but nothing that I can find in XF v2.x. Does anyone know how I can...
  10. carino

    XF 2.1 Running reports on the Xenforo database

    I would love to see a set of canned reports that one could run on the Xenforo database. For example: A full report of all users with fields (columns) for name, userid, date joined, and even custom fields that I have in my registration Does anyone know of an add-on for this? Or maybe provide...
  11. carino

    XF 2.1 Edit Watched Threads

    Is there a to edit the watched threads of users. I know that when a user views a forum or thread, they can click the watch / unwatch link. Is there a way that an admin can enable watching / unwatching for a user for any forum or category? Ideally, a batch command, but on an user by user basis...
  12. carino

    XF 2.1 Two-Step Verification Issue

    I am only just getting started with my Forum. I have much to learn, and really like Xenforo. I have an issue I would like help on. I have explored two-step verification. At this time, I want to disable it. I signed in to my forum as the administrator and in my own profile, I disabled...
  13. carino

    XF 2.1 User Group Promotions Questions

    I have set up my user groups. I have also set up a a custom user field. There are two user groups that an user can fall into. For simplicity, call it UserGroup1 and UserGroup2 During registration, the user has a choice to select one of two choices. For simplicity, call it ChoiceA or...
  14. carino

    XF 2.1 Approval of New User Registration

    When a new user registers, they become members of the default user group. That is fine and poses no issues. And, the new user must validate their email address before being allowed to proceed to viewing the forum. What I would like to do is to that upon a new registration, first the user...
  15. carino

    XF 1.4 Undefined index: user_id - library ... errro

    Hello, I am not a programmer. I installed Xenforo for our Home Owner Associate community forum a couple of years ago and it has worked fine. No issues. Lately, people have not been receiving alerts when some one posts a new thread or reply to thread. I have checked the error log and found...
  16. carino

    XF 1.4 How do I send an user a "reset password" email

    One of my users tells me that they have accidentally locked themselves out of Xenforo. She is not the most computer savvy person. She sent me an email and I directed her to use the "forgot password" link in the login window. I am waiting for her response. Anyway, as the admin, I see that I...
  17. carino

    XF 1.4 Help Writing SQL Query Statement

    This is big favor to ask ... I have asked if there was a built-in method to export user list to Excel, and received answer that it might be easier to write an SQL query and save it to run whenever I want a listing. But, I am not very savvy with writing SQL statements. Hoping an SQL guru could...
  18. carino

    XF 1.4 Users Hitting "Reply" to Forum Notifications

    Hello All, I have an issue that could get out of hand ... hoping you all can help a newbie ... XexForo sends out an email to registered users of the new forum post. Like this ... The problem is that some of the recipients, being used to merely hit "reply" do a simple reply to the email...
  19. carino

    XF 1.4 Help Button Location

    Hello All, Forgive my newbie-ness ... On my installation, the Help Button is located in the footer. Is it possible to also locate a Help option in the main toolbar. Or perhaps have a Help button immediately below or above the Search bar. Thanks, Steve
  20. carino

    XF 1.4 Limit Non Registered Users Seeing User Profiles (Member List)

    I am hoping this is something that someone has a ready answer for ... I want to disable ability of visitors / non-registered users from seeing the list of members. I have set so that the member's details are not visible to visitors, but a visitor can still see the list of members. One of...