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    Add-on that pulls data and put on page?

    Would like to know if there are any add-ons that can do the following: Custom Homepage The main area of the homepage should contain the following: Latest 10 Threads from Forums A,B,C Latest 10 Threads from Forums X,Y,C Latest 10 Images Latest 10 Resources 10 Newest Members 10 Most Messages...
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    Separate User Content From Search

    I would like to suggest to make the user's content part of their profile instead of listings in search results. So if we're viewing a user profile, the navigation could be something like: Profile Posts | Latest Activity | Threads | Posts | Questions | Answers | Suggestions | Resources | Albums...
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    Show all threads (paginated)?

    Is it now possible in the latest version to show all threads (paginated) in one page? Basically, I want it like the RM where all resources are listed and the categories are at the sidebar.
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    Can Route Filter Do This?

    Is it possible for route filters to alter the URLs such that: /resources/authors/brogan.521/ ---> /members/brogan.521/resources/ /resources/categories/add-ons.28/ ---> /resources/add-ons.28/ /media/users/brogan.521/ ---> /members/brogan.521/media/ /media/users/brogan.521/albums --->...
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    Just Lost All Watched Threads

    Your Account > Watched Threads > Show all watched threads Tick some checkboxes on not so relevant threads anymore. At the top right, click Manage Watched Threads > Stop Watching Threads All watched threads gone now :cry: Should have choose to click the "With Selected... Go" at the bottom left :(
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    XF 1.4 Proxy Link Redirect To Domain

    I have enabled Proxy Links but whenever I click on external links, it just redirect to the forum homepage. Any ideas how to fix this?
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    XF 1.4 Avatar Upload Size (50KB) Limit

    Sorry for this noob question but where can I change the 50 KB limit on avatar uploads?
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    As designed Admin Don't Use javaScriptUrl Config

    Admin CP still uses the default /js/ source even though javaScriptUrl config is set to another directory.
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    Handling of Temporary Attachments

    Edit: Too fast to conclude. Seems that it can't do as what I have described below... But still it's fine since the Attachment Browser shows () on unused files. All of the CMS I've tried doesn't clean-up well with their temporary attachments. For example, when I write an article and uploaded a...
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    XF 1.4 Content Time Cutoff

    I have some "basic" things I'd like to configure but can't find it in Admin. Where to change the cut-off date for and what is it's default timeframe? Where to set the total number of items to show (before "Show Older Items") and cutoff date of...
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    Lack of interest Separate User Content From Search

    I would like to suggest to make the user's content part of their profile instead of listings in search results. For example, when viewing Mike's content, it should be at: xenforo .com/community/members/mike.3/threads/page-x - for threads xenforo .com/community/members/mike.3/posts/page-x - for...
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    XF 1.4 Get Miscellaneous Field Values?

    What is the variable to get the values of the Miscellaneous field (Use this box to enter any additional CSS you would like to include) in CSS? I tried @propertyName.miscellaneous but it doesn't work.
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    Fixed Base64 Data-URI & Minify CSS

    If "Minify CSS" is enabled and having a "large" base64 data URIs in CSS, it cannot process the CSS. I encounter this issue when I'm using icon fonts and embed them in CSS with data URIs. Same bug, test case and solution:
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    XF 1.3 How To Duplicate Priority+ Menu?

    Supposed I have the following markup: <ul> <li>One</li> <li>Two</li> <li>Three</li> <li>Four</li> <li>Five</li> <li>Six</li> <li>Seven</li> <li>Eight</li> </ul> How can I duplicate the priority+ menu functionality? Are there any classes that needs to be added so...
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    XF 1.4 headerTabHeight really required?

    I tried to adjust the navigation by padding/margin so that it can be very flexible. However, when I tried to set headerTabHeight to auto or blank, the un-selected navigation links will disappear? Is headerTabHeight really required?
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    XF 1.3 Styling Questions

    1. How is CSS Media Queries written? Is it from mobile first or desktop first? 2. Who will be executed last, Style Properties or CSS codes in TEMPLATE.css? For example, the background in Header Style Property is black but I write red background in header.css, what's the resulting output?
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    XF 1.3 Change number of Following/Followers in profile

    How can I change the number of Following/Followers in user profile, let's say 15 instead of 6?
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    XF 1.3 Avatar Size Configuration?

    Where can I change the size of the avatars for s, m and l?
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    XF 1.3 Overlay Inline Content

    I have this code in a template: <a href="?????">Click To View Content</a> <div id="contentToOverlay"> This is an overlay content! </div> Is it possible to open the inline content (#contentToOverlay) in an overlay?
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    XF 1.3 userBlurb Template

    I want to modify the Gender, Age, from Country in the Member Card. But all I found in the member_card template is this: Is there anyway that I could change this? Basically I will interchange the words and add some static text in between them.