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  1. bobs409

    Does xenforo keep an eye on the add on sellers?

    I know xenforo probably doesn't like to get involved in the add on's or any responsibility of them but I was wondering if anyone is verifying these add on sellers to be legit? I purchased an add on yesterday and it's not working as it should. It had NO instructions and I can't get a reply from...
  2. bobs409

    XF 2.0 Where does it show what version I have?

    It's been a while since I updated my forum and was curious what version I have but can't find it anywhere. I know it's 2. something... :D thanks, Bob
  3. bobs409

    XF 2.0 What would cause a members likes to drop over night?

    I have a member of my forum that says he lost about 17 likes overnight. Can this only happen if the person that gave them the like changes it to unlike? What about deleted messages, does that change the count? Thanks, Bob
  4. bobs409

    Can a user "ignore" a whole forum?

    I was wondering if there was an existing way of setting up a forum (political in my case) and allowing users to opt out or ignore the whole forum if they chose to not see it? Thanks, Bob
  5. bobs409

    Looking for suggestions for user title ladder

    Looking for any good idea's for customizing the user title ladder. I have mine setup using message count and probably the most messages by any single user would be 10-15k.
  6. bobs409

    We need a jokes forum

    Everybody loves a good funny ha ha now and then.
  7. bobs409

    XF 2.0 Mark all forums read

    I don't see a way to mark only a single forum read, only marking all of them. Is that by design or an oversight with 2.0? Bob
  8. bobs409

    XF 2.0 Is there a way to show a list of user group members?

    In the members tab, there is an option to show ALL registered members. I would like to be able to show members of individual groups that I have created there as well? Can that be done? Thanks, Bob
  9. bobs409

    XF 2.0 What is the name of the node icon?

    I've searched and searched my admin cp and files but no luck. I'm trying to find the file name of this icon and what folder it would be in: Thanks, Bob
  10. bobs409

    Display media strip on a regular html web page?

    I don't think it's possible out of the box but thought I better ask anyway. I would like to display the random media strip on my main home page as well as the forum. Is that an easy task or even possible? If not, I'd like to suggest having this option added sometime to media gallery. Thanks...
  11. bobs409

    XF 2.0 Members online or random photos display on a webpage

    I was wondering if there is a way to have things like the random media strip (xenmedia), members online or perhaps a few popular threads display on an .html home page? (any or all) I'm remodeling my websites main home page and thought of having a few things show what's going on in the forum...
  12. bobs409

    XF 2.0 Upgrading to 2.0.1 stuck!

    I just uploaded all the files and my board and admin just says: The site is currently being upgraded. Please check back later. It's not doing anything that I can tell. ?? HELP!
  13. bobs409

    XF 2.0 Alerts flag

    No biggie but I noticed that when an alert is showing with the numbered red flag, I have to click on it now to read them. Before the update to 2.0, I used to be able to just hover the cursor over it and it would show them. Is that by design or maybe something that was overlooked? Thanks, Bob
  14. bobs409

    Fixed Attachments not resizing as expected to option limits

    I have my forum's attachment file size limit set at 150kb maximum and the image size set to 700 pixels width and 600 pixels in height. Prior to the update to 2.0, this would allow any picture file up to 150kb's to be attached and it would re-size the picture down within the 700 x 600 setting...
  15. bobs409

    XF 2.0 Importing smilies from a directory no worky

    Oops! We ran into some problems. The specified directory was not found or unreadable. I'm sure I have the path set correctly and I have the folder set to 755. Anyone else having problems with this? I also noticed the smilie manager doesn't work like it used to. I can no longer...
  16. bobs409

    MG 2.0 Setting media file size limit

    I don't see where you set the file size limit for picture uploads to the Xenmedia photo albums. Does it run off the attachment settings for the forum? Thanks, Bob
  17. bobs409

    MG 2.0 Upgrading media gallery

    I just wanted to check before I create a disaster for myself. I just downloaded version 2.0 of media gallery to update the old version I have now. If I upload as it is, will it do ONLY an update and NOT a fresh install? The forum download offer an install or an upgrade choice but not for the...
  18. bobs409

    Question about requesting add on's

    I just upgraded to 2.0 and as you know, all my old add on's are no longer usable. How best to request these add on's be upgraded? Do I make a post for every add on in this forum or is it best to contact the maker of the add on or ????
  19. bobs409

    XF 1.5 How do I remove the new calendar and profile posts from forum

    Just upgraded to the latest version and now my main forum page is showing new profile posts on the right side and latest calendar events on the top. How do I stop these from showing? Thanks, Bob
  20. bobs409

    Add-on "On this day in history" widget

    This is more a suggestion than a request as it's just an idea I came up with. (forgive me if something like this exists, but if so, please point me to it!) I offer this for any of the coders who might be looking for a new project! ;) I think a way to add a special event that occurred on a...